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OEM Vape Work Stream
ODM Vape Work Stream

Why choose Us as your ODM&OEM Vapes Manufacturer?

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the vaping industry, We provide ODM&OEM vape for many international top brands. Our team is familiar with all aspects of the supply chain with rich experiences in e-liquid production and e-cigarette device processing. 80% of the team consists of experienced R&D personnel. 

Product Technology

We have very strong Vape production and manufacturing capabilities.

1. Pure E-Liquid

We are committed to cooperating with the best e-liquid brands to ensure the purity of the e-liquid. The e-liquid is directly synthesized from non-polluting monomer raw materials, and the finished e-liquid is clean and environmentally friendly.

2. Vape Quality Control

For each component of Vape, we need to conduct 10 strict tests, and strive to produce Vape with low nicotine and large smoke volume;

3. Vape Production

Regarding the production environment of Vape, our factory production workshop strictly maintains a dust-free production environment, regularly cleans the production line frequently, and conducts strict inspections on the finished products produced.

Supply Chain Platform

1. Short Production Period

In order to ensure the customer’s product delivery, we will minimize the production time of the Vape.

2. Lower Price

Compared with vape of the same quality, our products have lower production costs and save more costs for customers.

3. Resource Integration

In order to meet users’ various requirements for vape functions, materials, tastes and other products, we have integrated more than 20 category resources from more than 1,000 suppliers to meet all user imaginations about products.


We customize an vape from scratch for first-line brands. Our product team has strong industrial design capabilities and product development capabilities.

Our product manager Forest Jin was the head of the SAVAINELLI brand from 2012 to 2019, and the supply chain leader of the ZIPPO sub-brand VAZO from 2019 to 2021.

Our vape appearance designer and vape ID designer team also have 10 years of experience in vape product design.

We have customized explosive vapes for many international first-line brands from scratch, and our products have been exported to more than 20 countries.


Frequently Q&A

Q1: What is ODM&OEM Vape Meaning?

OEM or OEM vape are 2 ways to customize vape for your brand, which can help your brand save the process of vape design, research and development, and production, but also help you make vape products suitable for your local market and grow your business.

Q2: What are the advantages of ODM&OEM Vape?

On the one hand, OEM or OEM vape can help you save more production and R&D costs, on the other hand, handing over the R&D and production of e-cigarettes to professional vape R&D companies can develop better vape products and help your Business growth.

Q3: Can we customize a complete Vape from scratch?

Absolutely no problem, we can customize and develop a product with vape for you, from vape material, vape type, appearance, and even e-liquid, we can customize everything for you to meet your local market demand.

Q4: Which of our products support OEM?

Please click Our Products link, the products in it all support ODM&OEM

Q4: How to contact us?

You can use the official email [email protected] or Whatsapp:+86 13125178732; If you are in China, you can directly reach our company through the address at the bottom of the website

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