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Cracking Down on E-Cigarettes in Ho Chi Minh City: A Smoky Saga


In the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, a showdown is brewing, and it’s all about e-cigarettes. The city’s Market Administration Bureau has been on a mission, tackling illegal e-cigarette sales with the precision of a well-oiled machine. From shady street vendors to online retailers, no stone has been left unturned. Let’s dive into the smoke and mirrors of this intriguing tale.

The E-Cigarette Busts: A Quick Overview

In the first five months of 2024, the Ho Chi Minh City Market Administration Bureau cracked down on nearly 20 illegal e-cigarette cases, seizing products worth over VND 520 million (around $204,000). This isn’t your average neighborhood watch operation; it’s a full-blown e-cigarette extravaganza.

The Numbers Game

Imagine this: 19 cases, 15,541 illegal products, and fines totaling VND 34.7 million ($1,362). These numbers aren’t just figures; they’re the heartbeat of a city’s fight against illegal trade. The Market Management Bureau has been working overtime, ensuring that every e-cigarette, e-liquid, and accessory without proper documentation is taken off the streets.

A Case to Remember

On May 16, the Bureau struck gold at No. 710, Tân Kỳ Tân Quý Road, Binh Tan District. Group 16 discovered 76 pieces of Vapmod brand electronic cigarettes without certificates, along with their supporting e-liquids, valued at VND 21.2 million ($832). This was no ordinary bust; it was a testament to the Bureau’s relentless pursuit of justice in the smoky underworld of illegal e-cigarette trade.

Beyond the Street: Online and E-Commerce Vigilance

It’s not just brick-and-mortar stores feeling the heat; online sellers and e-commerce platforms are also under the Bureau’s watchful eye. The digital realm, often considered a safe haven for illegal activities, is being meticulously scrutinized. E-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, not yet legal in Vietnam, are being tracked down and seized with unrelenting fervor.

The Digital Dragnet

The Market Management Bureau’s digital dragnet is nothing short of impressive. By focusing on online sales points, the Bureau is ensuring that illegal products have nowhere to hide. This tech-savvy approach highlights a modern twist in regulatory enforcement, combining traditional inspection methods with contemporary technology.

The E-Commerce Ecosystem

E-commerce platforms, once thought to be untouchable, are now in the Bureau’s crosshairs. These platforms have become hotbeds for selling illegal e-cigarettes, and the Bureau’s efforts to cleanse them are both necessary and commendable. By targeting these digital marketplaces, the Bureau is setting a precedent for future regulatory measures in the digital age.

Community Involvement: Education and Awareness

Enforcement isn’t just about fines and seizures; it’s also about education. The Market Administration Bureau, in collaboration with the Fifth County Youth League Committee, has been educating the public on the dangers of e-cigarettes. These outreach efforts are crucial in building a community that’s aware and resilient against the temptations of illegal e-cigarette sales.

Engaging the Youth

More than 150 students and youth league members participated in a recent awareness campaign. The event wasn’t just informative; it was a rallying cry for the younger generation to steer clear of illegal e-cigarettes. By targeting the youth, the Bureau is ensuring that the message of caution reaches the most impressionable minds.

Spreading the Word

Publicity activities are more than just events; they’re movements. The Bureau’s efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of e-cigarettes and their ongoing inspection work are paving the way for a more informed public. This proactive approach is a cornerstone in the fight against illegal e-cigarette sales, fostering a community that’s both vigilant and educated.

Future Directions: A Tightening Noose

The Market Management Bureau isn’t slowing down. Future plans include tightening the noose on illegal e-cigarette and heated tobacco product sales. This ongoing vigilance is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the city’s markets and protecting public health.

Strategic Strengthening

Future strategies will focus on rigorous inspections and severe penalties for offenders. By doubling down on enforcement, the Bureau aims to create a deterrent effect that discourages illegal activities. This strategic strengthening is a testament to the Bureau’s commitment to a smoke-free, law-abiding Ho Chi Minh City.

Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration is key. By working with other agencies and the community, the Bureau aims to create a network of support and enforcement. This holistic approach ensures that every angle is covered, leaving no room for illegal e-cigarette sales to thrive.


In a concerted effort to tackle the illegal e-cigarette trade, Ho Chi Minh City’s Market Administration Bureau has ramped up enforcement, handling nearly 20 cases in the first five months of 2024. According to Vietnamese news website PNO, the Bureau seized over 15,000 illegal products worth more than VND 520 million ($204,000), issuing fines totaling VND 34.7 million ($1,362). Notably, on May 16, an inspection at Tân Kỳ Tân Quý Road uncovered 76 uncertified Vapmod e-cigarettes. The Bureau’s vigilance extends to online sales and e-commerce platforms, ensuring illegal e-cigarettes are eradicated from both physical and digital markets. Community engagement is also a priority, with educational campaigns highlighting the dangers of e-cigarettes, particularly among youth. Looking ahead, the Bureau plans to intensify inspections and collaborate with other agencies to maintain a legal and healthy environment. This comprehensive approach underscores Ho Chi Minh City’s commitment to curbing illegal e-cigarette sales and protecting public health.


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