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Keystone’s Visionary Leader Frank: Pioneering the Vaping Industry from Global Inspiration


In the ever-evolving world of vaping, Keystone has emerged as a beacon of innovation and excellence, much of which can be attributed to its visionary leader, Frank. This article delves into the journey of Frank, who has not just transformed Keystone into a leading brand in the vaping industry but also redefined the standards of vaping technology and culture globally. From drawing inspiration from diverse global trends to implementing groundbreaking technologies, Frank’s leadership is a tale of ambition, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As we explore Keystone’s rise under Frank’s guidance, we uncover the secrets behind the brand’s success and the visionary strategies that continue to shape the future of vaping.

Keystone’s Foundational Inspiration

Frank’s entrepreneurial journey began with a profound inspiration from his experiences overseas. Witnessing staggering technological innovations and the blend of multiple cultures, he was particularly struck by innovative lifestyles and products that were yet to be seen in China. These experiences fueled his entrepreneurial aspirations, leading him to return to China in 2001 with great anticipation. However, the Chinese society of that era was not prepared for such progressive ideas. Frank’s innovative concepts met with strong opposition from traditional beliefs, and even his family and friends expressed doubts about his vision. Nevertheless, this resistance did not deter him; instead, it planted the entrepreneurial seed that would slowly germinate in his heart.


Keystone’s Inception and Growth

In 2003, after two years of contemplation and accumulation, Frank founded Keystone Company. He introduced the internationally renowned snowboard brand Burton to the Chinese market, marking Keystone’s first significant breakthrough. The introduction of Burton resonated immensely in China, earning Frank his first major fortune.

Expansion Amidst Challenges

The period from 2006 to 2008 brought unprecedented challenges for Frank and Keystone. While introducing brands like Okley and Skullcandy to the Chinese market, the global economic crisis hit, putting immense financial pressure on his company. In 2008, to better adapt these products to the Chinese market, Frank embarked on a deep study of Chinese culture and consumer behavior. He successfully integrated Okley and Skullcandy into the local market, thus expanding Keystone’s business landscape.

Exploration with Mizuno

2013 marked a significant year for Frank as he became a partner of Mizuno in China. To meet the needs of the local market and users, he attempted to participate in product design through multiple communications with the brand. However, each attempt ended in failure, as the brand maintained a conservative stance towards his innovative ideas. This experience highlighted Frank’s limitations within the company, but also reinforced his determination. Working with Mizuno, he gained a deep appreciation for the Japanese commitment to product quality and craftsmanship, which profoundly influenced his own brand vision. He realized that market success required not just innovation and unique design, but also a continuous pursuit of product quality.

Transformation to the Vaping Industry

With experience in collaborating with major brands, Frank sought new business opportunities, aspiring to create his own brand in China. In 2015, he was drawn to the rapidly growing vaping industry and, despite its newness and inherent risks, decided to take the plunge. After several discussions with his colleague Forest, Frank founded his own vaping company in July 2015.

Prospering Amidst Challenges

Entering the vaping industry in 2015, Frank faced substantial challenges. The market was dominated by established brands, and consumer acceptance of new brands was low. After initial failures due to design mismatches with market demands, Frank decided to restructure his business. He introduced a new management team and collaborated with external consultants for a thorough overhaul of the product line. His focus on market trends led him to launch vaping products tailored to younger consumers’ tastes. Despite numerous challenges, his perseverance and effort began to show results. The success of the new product line enabled Frank’s brand to rapidly expand in the market, leading him to boldly open nearly two thousand stores and plan for national expansion. However, this rapid growth also brought new challenges, including supply chain management difficulties, brand image dilution, and operational challenges in stores. Additionally, he faced fierce competition from other competitors and rapidly changing market conditions. After solidifying his market position, Frank sought further growth, acquiring two small vaping brands and increasing his company’s market share. He also reconnected with his old friend Forest, who introduced him to Jeff, a top expert in the vaping field, fostering a deep friendship.

Due to Chinese national e-cigarette policy restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic, Frank shifted his focus to international markets in 2022. He revived and led Keystone as the CEO, joining forces with Technical Director Jeff and Brand Director Forest to make a significant impact on the global vaping market.


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