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Thailand Strengthens E-Cigarette Control Measures to Protect Public Health


In a determined stride towards ensuring the well-being of its citizens, the Thai Ministry of Public Health recently announced a significant reinforcement of control measures on e-cigarettes. This move is primarily aimed at safeguarding human rights and the rights of children. During a press briefing following the second meeting of the National Tobacco Products Control Committee (TCC) in 2024, Minister of Public Health Somsak Thepsuthin revealed that Thailand has officially joined the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This membership will guide a series of actions to restrict the import, sale, and use of e-cigarettes within the country.

The Illicit E-Cigarette Market: A Smoky Underworld

Despite clear legal prohibitions against the import and sale of e-cigarettes in Thailand, Minister Somsak highlighted a persistent issue: the clandestine activities of criminals who continue to smuggle these products into the country. These illegal imports often involve deceptive practices such as concealment and false reporting. Such activities not only undermine the law but also pose significant health risks to non-smokers, particularly children.

E-cigarettes, with their alluring fragrances, can easily deceive unsuspecting individuals about their potential dangers. Many parents, misled by the sweet-smelling vapors, might not grasp the serious health implications of e-cigarette use. The Thai government, recognizing this challenge, is set to implement four major measures to curb the spread and impact of e-cigarettes.

Measure One: Strengthening Legal Frameworks

The first measure involves the formulation and enhancement of relevant regulations. The government will be fortifying existing laws, regulations, and standards across various ministries and agencies. The goal is to provide robust health protection for non-smokers and regulate e-cigarettes and all forms of tobacco products more effectively. By tightening law enforcement, the government aims to create an environment where the illegal trade and use of e-cigarettes are significantly reduced.

This move is not just about adding more rules but making sure that these rules are clear, comprehensive, and enforceable. The Ministry of Public Health plans to collaborate closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that these strengthened regulations translate into tangible actions on the ground. In doing so, they hope to close the loopholes that have allowed the illicit e-cigarette market to thrive.

Measure Two: Supporting Smoking Cessation Treatments

The second measure focuses on supporting smoking cessation treatments. Recognizing the addictive nature of nicotine, the government will ensure that people seeking to quit smoking have access to necessary medications under the national medical insurance system. This support is crucial in helping individuals break free from the grip of nicotine addiction.

The initiative also includes expanding public access to smoking cessation programs, offering a range of resources such as counseling, support groups, and educational materials. By providing comprehensive support, the government aims to make quitting smoking a more attainable goal for many Thais. This measure is a clear indication of the government’s commitment to reducing tobacco use and its associated health risks.


Measure Three: Raising Public Health Awareness

The third measure is centered around raising public health awareness. The government plans to launch extensive campaigns to educate the public about the dangers of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and all forms of tobacco products. These campaigns will expose the tactics used by the tobacco industry to lure new users, particularly targeting children and adolescents.

Minister Somsak emphasized the importance of involving children and adolescents in the no-smoking movement. By empowering the younger generation with knowledge and advocacy skills, the government hopes to cultivate a culture of awareness and resistance against tobacco use. The campaigns will utilize various platforms, from social media to community events, ensuring that the message reaches a broad audience.

Measure Four: Protecting Against Tobacco Industry Exploitation

The final measure aims to protect the public from exploitation by the tobacco industry. The government will implement strategies to prevent the industry’s access to and control over tobacco products. This includes monitoring and regulating marketing practices that target vulnerable populations, such as children and teenagers.

By imposing strict controls on how tobacco products are marketed and sold, the government hopes to minimize the influence of the tobacco industry. This measure also involves collaboration with international bodies to stay abreast of global best practices in tobacco control. Thailand’s adherence to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is a testament to its dedication to protecting public health.

A Collaborative Effort for a Healthier Future

In addition to these measures, the Thai government will form a working group involving various departments, including the police, customs, and the Ministry of Education. This group will lead studies on the harm of e-cigarettes and develop strategies to educate the public about their dangers. The goal is to foster a well-informed society that understands the risks associated with e-cigarette use.

Minister Somsak’s announcement marks a significant step forward in Thailand’s fight against tobacco and its derivatives. By joining the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Thailand commits to a global movement aimed at reducing the harm caused by tobacco products. Through strengthened regulations, support for smoking cessation, increased public awareness, and protection against industry exploitation, Thailand is poised to safeguard the health and rights of its citizens, particularly its children.


In recent news, the Thai Ministry of Public Health has announced enhanced control measures on e-cigarettes to protect public and children’s health. Minister Somsak Thepsuthin highlighted the country’s commitment to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, focusing on tightening regulations, supporting smoking cessation treatments, raising public health awareness, and protecting against tobacco industry exploitation. Despite existing prohibitions, illegal e-cigarette imports continue to pose risks, particularly to children. The government plans to collaborate with various departments to educate the public about these dangers, reinforcing Thailand’s dedication to safeguarding its citizens’ well-being.


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