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Savor the Best Flavors of Apple Elf Bar


If you’re a vaping enthusiast and a lover of apple flavors, look no further. The full Apple Elf Bar rank list presents a myriad of apple-themed e-cigarettes. With multiple nice options such as Sour Apple BC5000, Green Apple Elf Bar 5000, Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach, and Elf Bar Lost Mary Blackcurrant Apple BM600, the possibilities are endless. Below, we delve into the details, comparing prices, flavors, and features, and providing a simple user guide for each variant.

Sour Apple BC5000

Sour Apple elf bar BC5000
  1. Price: Priced at $17.99, the Sour Apple BC5000 offers a vape experience that gives you value for your money.
  2. Flavor: The Sour Apple BC5000 is renowned for its sour green apple flavor. Each puff offers a tantalizing mix of sweet and sour, perfectly emulating the authentic apple experience. If you’re into bold flavors, this variant is an absolute treat.
  3. Features: With a nicotine level of 50mg, it’s an excellent choice for regular vapers. The device promises more than 5000 puffs, making it a long-lasting option.
  4. User Guide: The Sour Apple BC5000 is draw-activated, making it easy to use. Simply draw on the mouthpiece to activate the device and enjoy your vape.

Green Apple Elf Bar 5000

Green Apple elf bar Bc5000
  1. Price: The Green Apple Elf Bar 5000, a step up from the Sour Apple BC5000, comes at a slightly higher price of $18.99.
  2. Flavor: This vape offers a unique blend of crisp and sweet apple flavors with a blast of cool mint. For those who enjoy a fruity vape with a minty aftertaste, this is your go-to.
  3. Features: Alongside the unique flavor profile, the device offers an e-liquid content of 13ml and a nicotine level of 50mg. Like the Sour Apple BC5000, it promises over 5000 puffs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  4. User Guide: This device also employs draw activation for a seamless vaping experience.

Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach

Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach
  1. Price: The Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach comes with an affordable price tag of £4.75.
  2. Flavor: As the name suggests, this vape pen offers an intriguing blend of apple and peach flavors. It’s a refreshing and juicy option for those seeking a break from the traditional apple flavor.
  3. Features: The Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach is packed with a 550mAh battery and offers a 2ml e-liquid capacity. It guarantees between 550 to 600 puffs, perfect for those seeking a compact yet efficient device.
  4. User Guide: This device is draw-activated, maintaining the standard across the Elf Bar range.

Elf Bar BC1000 Double Apple

  1. Price: The Elf Bar BC1000 Double Apple is priced at $17.99, striking a balance between affordability and quality.
  2. Flavor: The Double Apple variant provides a double delight of crisp apple flavors, giving you an enhanced apple vaping experience.
  3. Features: With up to 1000 puffs, a 2ml e-liquid capacity, and a nicotine strength of 20mg, it is a viable option for light vapers. The device comes with a 650mAh battery, ensuring it lasts for an extended period.
  4. User Guide: Similar to the others, it employs a draw-activated mechanism, making it a breeze to use.

Elf Bar Lost Mary Blackcurrant Apple BM600

Elf Bar Lost Mary Blackcurrant Apple BM600
  1. Price: The most affordable option in the lineup is the Elf Bar Lost Mary Blackcurrant Apple BM600, priced at £3.95.
  2. Flavor: This variant presents a delightful blend of blackcurrant and apple, offering a unique flavor profile for adventurous vapers.
  3. Features: It comes equipped with a 360mAh battery and a 2ml e-liquid capacity. The device promises between 550 to 600 puffs, making it perfect for casual vaping.
  4. User Guide: Like all the other Apple Elf Bar devices, it uses draw activation, keeping the user experience straightforward and convenient.
  5. To conclude, the Apple Elf Bar series, with its assortment of apple-themed flavors and features, caters to all types of vapers. Whether you’re a heavy vaper or a casual user, you’re sure to find a variant that suits your preferences. So why wait? Indulge in the authentic apple experience offered by the Apple Elf Bar collection today.


  • 1. Is there an Apple Elf Bar?

Yes, there is an array of Apple Elf Bar E-Cigarettes. These include Sour Apple BC5000, Green Apple Elf Bar 5000, Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach, and Elf Bar Lost Mary Blackcurrant Apple BM600, each with its unique apple-themed flavors.

  • 2. What flavor is Elf Bar Apple?

The Elf Bar Apple comes in various flavors. The Green Apple Elf Bar 5000 presents a blend of crisp and sweet apple flavors with a cool mint twist, while the Sour Apple BC5000 provides a sour green apple flavor. The Elf Bar 600 Apple Peach combines apple and peach flavors, and the Elf Bar Lost Mary Blackcurrant Apple BM600 offers a delightful mix of blackcurrant and apple.

  • 3. What is Elf Bar Sour Apple?

Elf Bar Sour Apple, formally known as Sour Apple BC5000, is a variant of the Apple Elf Bar series. This vape provides a sour green apple flavor, offering an intriguing mix of sweet and sour in each puff.

  • 4. Is Elf Bar made in China?

Yes, Elf Bar is a Chinese brand known for its quality vape products. The Apple Elf Bar series is among their popular offerings, providing a range of apple-flavored e-cigarettes.

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