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HQD Vape MEGA Review: A Flavorful and Convenient Vaping Experience


The HQD Mega is a compact and disposable vape pen designed for the casual vaper seeking convenience and satisfying flavors. With its small size and lightweight build, the Mega easily fits into pockets or handbags, making it ideal for social gatherings or quick puffs throughout the day.

Powered by an 850mAh battery, this device delivers an impressive 1800 puffs, ensuring it lasts for extended periods between uses without any risk of expiry. Let’s dive deeper into this review to explore the representative flavors, specifications, features, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions about the HQD Vape Mega.

Representative Flavors

One of the standout features of the HQD Mega is its diverse range of flavors. Whether you have a sweet tooth, prefer fruity delights, or enjoy cooling menthol sensations, HQD Mega has something for everyone. Some of the representative flavors available are:

  1. Strawberry Donut: A delectable blend of ripe strawberries and freshly baked donuts, offering a unique and delightful vaping experience.
  2. Apple Peach: The perfect fusion of juicy apples and ripe peaches, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and tartness.
  3. ASAP GRAPE: A luscious grape flavor that is both sweet and slightly tangy, reminiscent of plump and succulent grapes.
  4. Candy: A nostalgic treat for your taste buds, capturing the essence of your favorite childhood candies in every puff.
  5. Ice Pineapple: A refreshing and tropical flavor, combining the sweetness of ripe pineapples with a cooling menthol twist.
  6. Mango Melon Ice: An exotic blend of ripe mangoes and juicy melons, finished with a cooling ice sensation.
  7. Strawberry Cream: The creamy and velvety notes of fresh strawberries mixed with a smooth creaminess.
  8. Cubano: For tobacco enthusiasts, Cubano offers the rich and robust taste of premium Cuban cigars.
  9. Lushi Ice: A tropical escape with a blend of luscious lychees and juicy watermelons, accented by a hint of icy coolness.
  10. Ice Mint: A straightforward but invigorating minty flavor that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
  11. Very Berry: A medley of mixed berries, packed with fruity goodness in every puff.

Specifications and Features

The HQD Mega boasts impressive specifications and features that enhance the overall vaping experience:

  • Size: The device measures 28 x 13.5 x 100.5mm, ensuring it is compact and portable for easy carrying.
  • E-liquid Capacity: With a 5ml e-liquid capacity, the HQD Mega allows for an extended vaping session without frequent refills.
  • Battery: Powered by an 850mAh battery, the Mega offers a long-lasting vaping experience with up to 1800 puffs.
  • Input Voltage: The device operates at 3.7V input voltage, providing consistent power for optimal performance.
  • Power Range: The HQD Mega features a power range of 7W-12W, catering to a variety of vaping preferences.
  • Resistance: With a resistance of 1.8 Ohms, the device ensures smooth and satisfying draws.
  • Weight: Weighing just 20g, the Mega is lightweight and easy to carry around all day.


The HQD Mega offers exceptional value for money, with a retail price of only $9.99. For the features, convenience, and flavor selection it provides, this affordable price makes the Mega an attractive choice for vapers on a budget or those who want to try out new flavors without committing to a more expensive device.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews offer valuable insights into the performance and satisfaction levels of a product. The HQD Mega has garnered positive feedback from users, with many praising its flavor options, ease of use, and long-lasting battery. The convenience of a disposable vape with such a vast array of flavors has particularly impressed users, making it a top choice for those looking for hassle-free vaping.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does the HQD Mega battery last?

The HQD Mega comes with an 850mAh battery, which offers approximately 1800 puffs before requiring a replacement.

Can I recharge the HQD Mega battery?

No, the HQD Mega is a disposable vape pen, and its battery cannot be recharged. Once the battery is depleted, the device can be safely disposed of.

Are the flavors pre-filled in the HQD Mega?

Yes, the HQD Mega comes pre-filled with e-liquid in the flavor of your choice, eliminating the need for refilling.

Is the HQD Mega suitable for beginners?

Yes, the HQD Mega’s user-friendly design and simple operation make it an excellent choice for beginners or those new to vaping.

Can I find the HQD Mega in local stores?

Yes, the HQD Mega is available at authorized vape retailers and convenience stores. Additionally, it can be purchased online from various reputable vape stores.


The HQD Mega is a versatile and convenient disposable vape pen that offers a plethora of flavors to cater to diverse vaping preferences. With its long-lasting battery, compact design, and affordable price, the Mega ensures a satisfying and enjoyable vaping experience. Whether you’re a casual vaper or a flavor enthusiast, the HQD Mega is worth considering for its impressive features and representative flavors that elevate the vaping journey to a new level of enjoyment.

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