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Kangvape Flavors Map: Onee Stick 2000 and 3000


Who is Kangvape?

Kangvape is a leading name in the vaping industry, renowned for its high-quality, innovative, and user-friendly vaping devices. Established in Shenzhen, China, the world’s hub for vape manufacturing, Kangvape has been committed to producing reliable and affordable vaping products since its inception. The company’s product range spans from vape mods, pod systems, and disposable vapes to a vast selection of vape juices, each designed with the user’s satisfaction and convenience in mind.

Kangvape brand

With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of vapers, Kangvape continually invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of vaping technology. Its goal is to provide a superior vaping experience to both new and seasoned vapers. Their devices, such as the popular Onee Stick series, are known for their robust construction, long battery life, and impressive range of flavors, setting new standards in the disposable vape market. Kangvape has not only established a strong presence in the domestic market but also made its mark globally, becoming a respected brand among vaping enthusiasts worldwide.

Kang Vape Onee stick 2000 flavors review

Kangvape Onee Stick 2000

Flavors Rank

When it comes to the variety of flavors, KangVape Onee Stick 2000 delivers impressively. It comes with 20 different flavors, each providing a unique vaping experience. Here’s a brief rundown of my experience with each flavor, ranked:

  1. Cool Mint: The invigorating cool mint flavor is a classic that never disappoints, providing a fresh and clean vaping experience.
  2. Blue Razz Ice: A delightful mix of tangy and sweet blue raspberry with a cool finish.
  3. Classic Custard: This flavor offers a rich and creamy taste that will satisfy any dessert lover.
  4. Lush Ice: A perfectly balanced blend of sweet and cool, with a hint of watermelon.
  5. Banberry: A unique combination of banana and strawberry that’s fruity and satisfying.
  6. Creamy Float: This brings back memories of a classic root beer float, a perfect blend of creamy and sweet.
  7. Tropical Ice Cream: A delightful mix of tropical fruits and creamy vanilla, creating a vacation-like experience.
  8. Blue Cloud: A sweet and slightly tangy flavor that’s reminiscent of blueberries and cream.
  9. Strawberry Kiwi: A classic pairing that offers a balanced sweet and tangy flavor.
  10. Melontime: A refreshing and sweet melon flavor that’s perfect for a hot summer day.
  11. Red Ice: A cool and fruity experience that’s both refreshing and enjoyable.
  12. Pear Cotton Candy: A unique flavor that offers a sweet and slightly tangy taste, reminiscent of a fairground treat.
  13. Tuity Fruity: A sweet medley of various fruits, perfect for those who love a fruity vape.
  14. Yellow Breeze: A citrusy and refreshing flavor that’s perfect for a pick-me-up.
  15. Vintage: A unique, earthy tobacco flavor for those who prefer a more traditional vape experience.
  16. Devine: A mysterious and unique flavor that’s hard to pin down but enjoyable nonetheless.
  17. Fanta: A flavor that’s reminiscent of the classic orange soda, sweet and slightly tangy.
  18. Pitchy Delight: A unique flavor that’s fruity and slightly sour, a great option for those seeking a different kind of vape experience.
  19. Yummy Bear: A sweet and gummy candy flavor that’s enjoyable, but may be too sweet for some.
  20. Musky: A unique flavor that may not be for everyone, but is worth trying for the adventurous vaper.

Features and Price

The KangVape Onee Stick 2000 Disposable provides an impressive 2000 puffs with 7.5mL of prefilled E-Liquid. It uses a 5% synthetic nicotine concentration, delivering a consistent hit with every puff. The device features an integrated battery and a mesh heating element, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vape experience.

It’s a draw-activated device with an LED indicator light, adding an extra layer of convenience for users. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable airflow control system, allowing you to customize your vaping experience according to your preference.

At $9.99, this product offers excellent value for the price, considering its features and the number of puffs it delivers.

Kang Vape Onee stick 3000 flavors review

Kangvape Onee Stick 3000

Flavors Rank

  1. Lush Ice: A refreshing blend of watermelon with a hint of cool menthol. It’s like taking a bite out of a freshly cut, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day.
  2. Cool Mint: A crisp, clear, and invigorating flavor, Cool Mint is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a clean and refreshing vaping experience.
  3. Aloe Grape: This unique flavor combines the subtle sweetness of ripe grapes with a touch of fresh aloe, creating a unique and soothing taste.
  4. Blue Razz Ice: A tantalizing mix of sweet and tart blue raspberry with a cooling icy finish. Perfect for those who enjoy a fruity yet refreshing vape.
  5. Blueberry Bubblegum: This flavor combines the sweet and tangy taste of ripe blueberries with a sugary bubblegum undertone.
  6. Cotton Candy: A sweet, fluffy carnival classic. It’s like taking a nostalgic walk down the fairway with every puff.
  7. Tropical Ice Cream: Indulge in a creamy, smooth, and sweet mix of exotic tropical fruits turned into ice cream. This flavor brings the islands to you.
  8. Rainbow Candy: A colorful blend of various fruit candies that will surely excite your taste buds.
  9. Melontime: A sweet and refreshing flavor of ripe, juicy melons.
  10. Red Apple: Crisp and sweet, this flavor replicates the taste of biting into a fresh red apple.
  11. Sour Apple Ice: A unique blend of tart green apples with a menthol undertone. The perfect balance of sweet, sour, and cool.
  12. Blueberry Cream: A smooth and creamy flavor packed with the sweet taste of ripe blueberries.
  13. Pink Lemonade: A tangy yet sweet, refreshing summer classic that will make you feel like you’re relaxing on a sunny beach.
  14. Creamy Float: This flavor captures the delicious taste of a classic soda float topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream.
  15. Watermelon Cream: A refreshing watermelon base with a creamy finish, a perfect blend of fruit and cream.
  16. Strawberry Cream: A classic combination of sweet strawberries and rich cream for a smooth and satisfying vape.
  17. Pear Cotton: A unique blend of sweet, ripe pears and cotton candy. This flavor is a sweet treat with a twist.
  18. Pitchy Delight: A unique, sweet, and tantalizing flavor.
  19. Yellow Breeze: A tropical blend that is refreshing and sweet. Perfect for those who want a taste of the tropics.
  20. Devine: A unique flavor that brings a divine taste experience to your taste buds.
  21. Tuity Fruity: A fun blend of various fruity flavors for a sweet, exciting vape experience.
  22. Vintage: A unique flavor that brings a classic and sophisticated vaping experience.
  23. Musky: An intriguing flavor with a complex, bold profile that’s sure to keep you guessing.
  24. Red Ice: A blend of mixed berries with a cool menthol finish, perfect for fruit lovers who also appreciate a bit of cooling sensation.

Features and price

The Kang Vape Onee Stick 2000 is priced at a reasonable $11.99, proving that quality doesn’t always have to come at a high cost. The device comes pre-filled with 12mL of E-liquid and contains a 5% synthetic nicotine formula, giving you a substantial vaping session.

Its integrated 1600mAh battery ensures you can enjoy approximately 3000 puffs before needing to replace the device. The Onee Stick 2000 uses a mesh heating element that guarantees uniform heating of the vape juice, resulting in enhanced flavor and cloud production.

One of the standout features of this vape stick is its draw-activated firing mechanism, which means you don’t have to press any buttons to start vaping – just inhale, and the device automatically produces vapor. The adjustable airflow control system lets you customize your vaping experience, adjusting the amount of vapor you draw with each puff.

The device also has an LED indicator light that informs you when it’s active and working.

To conclude, the Kang Vape Onee Stick 2000 is a great vaping device for both beginners and seasoned vapers, offering a balance of flavor variety, simplicity of use, and affordability.


  • Q1: What flavors come in Kang vapes?

A: Kangvape offers an impressive variety of flavors in their Onee Stick 2000 and 3000 series, including Cool Mint, Blue Razz Ice, Classic Custard, Lush Ice, Banberry, Creamy Float, Tropical Ice Cream, Blue Cloud, Strawberry Kiwi, Melontime, Red Ice, Pear Cotton Candy, Tuity Fruity, Yellow Breeze, Vintage, Devine, Fanta, Pitchy Delight, Yummy Bear, and Musky.

  • Q2: What is the most popular Kang vape flavor?

A: Cool Mint and Lush Ice are often highly praised for their refreshing and balanced blends.

  • Q3: What flavor is the Orange Kang vape?

A: The orange Kangvape is likely the ‘Fanta’ flavor, which is designed to replicate the classic sweet and slightly tangy taste of orange soda.

  • Q4: How many puffs of a Kang vape is equal to a cigarette?

A: The nicotine content in one puff of a Kang vape can differ from a traditional cigarette. However, KangVape Onee Stick 2000 provides approximately 2000 puffs and the 3000 series provides around 3000 puffs. Always remember that the impact can vary based on the nicotine concentration and individual usage.

  • Q5: Are Kang vapes made in China?

A: Yes, Kangvape is based in Shenzhen, China, a city known as the global hub for e-cigarette manufacturing. They produce a wide range of vaping devices, including the popular Onee Stick series.

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