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Air Bar NEX Review: The Latest Puff in Town


Meet the NEX, Air Bar’s latest entrant into the ring of disposable vapes. Hot on the heels of the successful Air Bar Box 5000, this second-gen marvel boasts some serious upgrades both inside and out. Not only does it keep the chic chromatic colors and anodized metallic finish of its predecessor, but it also brings a posh, stylish charm that sets it apart from other blocky contenders of 2023. So, buckle up as we dive into why the NEX might just be your new pocket companion, blending tech-savvy features with top-shelf elegance in a humorously compact package.

Design and Build: More Than Meets the Eye

If you ever worried about your vape resembling an obscure piece of Soviet space equipment, fear not! The NEX is here to save the day and your social standing. It’s the Goldilocks of vapes—neither too big nor too small, but just right, fitting into your life (and pockets) as snugly as a hamster in a sock. Its design screams less “I’m hacking the mainframe” and more “I’m effortlessly cool,” with a high-end finish that won’t have you mistaken for a gadget geek. Sure, it might just be a vape, but it’s the kind of accessory that could accidentally end up featured in a high-fashion shoot.

Now, beyond its dazzling exterior lies a fortress of functionality. The NEX doesn’t just promise a leak-free existence; it ensures it. You know that horror movie where everything leaks except the things that should? Well, the NEX isn’t part of that narrative. It’s packed with anti-leak tech that keeps the juice where it belongs—in the device, delivering up to 6500 puffs that are as flawless as your grandma’s knitting. The upgraded battery is like having a tiny, invisible powerhouse right in your palm, ensuring that your vaping experience lasts longer than most celebrity marriages. With the NEX, it’s all smooth sailing—or should we say, smooth vaping!

Performance and Usability: Puff Perfection

The NEX is basically your pocket-sized personal barista for vapes. Imagine walking into your favorite café where the barista not only knows your name but also precisely how you like your coffee every single time. That’s the NEX with your vape preferences. It’s designed with a single air intake hole that’s like the judicious gatekeeper of air, making sure every puff is controlled and consistent, no matter how eagerly you inhale. This isn’t just a feature; it’s a lifesaver for the over-zealous vaper who might otherwise find themselves in a cloud of too much vapor.

Moreover, the NEX’s upgraded resistance and mesh coil are like the dream team of vape tech, harmonizing to give you that just-right draw-to-lung experience every single time. It’s not about wild variations or surprising you with a rogue puff; it’s about dependable, enjoyable repetition. It delivers a medium DTL puff that’s so spot-on, you’ll think it was tailored just for you. In the world of vaping, where unpredictability can be a buzzkill, the NEX stands out by being wonderfully predictable. So, you can sit back, relax, and vape away knowing your next puff is exactly as you expect—no fuss, no muss.

Flavor Experience: A Symphony in Your Mouth

Ah, the flavors! It’s where the NEX truly struts its stuff and shows off its flair for drama—but in the best possible way. It’s like the device takes each flavor, gives it a backstage pep talk, and sends it out to perform under the spotlight in your mouth. The result? A taste experience that’s not just enhanced but transformed. Those familiar vape juice names? They’re still there, but they’ve had a makeover that would make any reality TV show jealous.

Consider the Melon Kiwi flavor, once a blend so skewed towards kiwi it might as well have been a solo act. In the hands of the NEX, this flavor undergoes a duet transformation, where cantaloupe and kiwi are now singing in perfect harmony. It’s no longer a kiwi with a hint of cantaloupe but a balanced melody that plays beautifully on your palate. This isn’t just vaping; it’s a veritable symphony of flavors where every note is hit with precision, and every puff is a front-row seat to a sensational taste performance. So, with the NEX, you’re not just enjoying a vape; you’re attending a grandiose flavor concert, and every session is an encore performance.

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Overall Experience: Vaping Made Simple and Satisfying

Navigating through the NEX’s flavor lineup is like flipping through a well-curated playlist where every track is a hit. There’s no experimental avant-garde jazz here—just the greatest hits of flavors, each more reliable than the last. It’s clear that the NEX has chosen to perfect what works, rather than throwing in oddities that leave you puzzled. This means that every puff is reassuringly familiar, letting you relax into the experience without worrying about unexpected twists.

The mint is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day, just minty enough to invigorate without overwhelming. The fruit flavors are like biting into the juiciest piece of fruit you can imagine—vivid, vibrant, and bursting with life. And the candied flavors? They’re sweet, but not cloyingly so, hitting that sweet spot of nostalgia without wandering into the too-sweet territory of childhood candy stores. Each puff is a reminder of why sometimes, simple and perfected is far better than complex and unbalanced. The NEX doesn’t gamble with your taste buds; it provides a premium, predictable session every time, making each vaping experience something to look forward to.


Well, it’s safe to say that the Air Bar NEX is less of a step up and more of a giant leap for vaping kind! From its snack-sized, stylish design that screams “I’m too posh to be a gadget” to its flawless functionality that could give Swiss watches a run for their money, the NEX is a masterclass in what it means to be both pretty and practical. The real magic, however, lies in its ability to turn ordinary vape flavors into extraordinary taste experiences. It’s like your trusty old playlist suddenly got remixed into an epic sound trip—each puff delivers exactly what it promises with the precision of a veteran DJ mixing tracks at a rave. Whether you’re a vaping newbie or a seasoned cloud chaser, the NEX offers a delightfully predictable and enjoyable experience that keeps you coming back for more. So, if you’re in the market for a vape that combines style, substance, and symphonic flavors, the NEX might just be your new best bud.


1. What are the main upgrades in the Air Bar NEX compared to the previous model?

The Air Bar NEX features several significant upgrades from its predecessor, the Air Bar Box 5000. It boasts a more compact and stylish design, making it easier and more comfortable to hold. The device includes an anti-leak technology, an enhanced battery for longer use, and improved resistance with a better mesh coil. These improvements collectively deliver a smoother, more consistent vaping experience, ensuring up to 6500 near-perfect puffs.

2. How does the single air intake hole affect the vaping experience?

The single air intake hole on the Air Bar NEX is designed to optimize airflow and provide a controlled vaping experience. This feature ensures that each puff is consistent, preventing overly strong or weak draws. It’s particularly beneficial for new vapers as it provides a gentle introduction to vaping by regulating the puff intensity, which can help avoid the common issue of inhaling too sharply.

3. Are the flavors in the NEX different from those in other Air Bar products?

While the flavor names in the NEX line remain the same as in other Air Bar products, the experience of these flavors is enhanced in the NEX model. Thanks to the device’s updated technology, each flavor is more balanced, with sweeter and icier notes that are more pronounced right from the first puff. The NEX delivers a richer and more harmonious flavor profile, making each vape session more enjoyable.

4. Is the Air Bar NEX suitable for both new and experienced vapers?

Yes, the Air Bar NEX is designed to suit both new and experienced vapers. For newcomers, its easy-to-use design and consistent puff output make it an excellent starter device. It delivers uniform and manageable puffs that simplify the learning curve. Experienced vapers will appreciate the device’s reliable performance and enhanced flavor profiles, making it a satisfying choice for daily use.

5. How long does the battery last in the Air Bar NEX?

The upgraded battery in the Air Bar NEX is built to last longer, accommodating up to 6500 puffs per device, depending on usage patterns. This makes it one of the more durable options on the market, ideal for users seeking a dependable vape that won’t require frequent charging or replacement throughout the day.

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