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Black Ice Disposable Vape Review


Do you know what is black ice disposable vape? Do you know it has become a trend to vape black ice? What is the special part to vape black ice?

Black ice vape is not the disposable vape in black color (nor black disposable vape or black vapes), but the disposable vape in flavorful blackberry flavor offering a cool ice finish. The global production of blackberries is limited and it is difficult to keep them fresh and they may go bad in a few days. Black ice vape gives another option to enjoy this amazing flavor in a more affordable way. Black ice vape is preferred by thousands of vapors around the world. In order to meet customers’ needs, many vape brands tailored this fantastic flavor. Which one is best for you as there are multiple disposable vapes? Let’s review this mystery disposable vape flavor. If you are hesitant about which one to go with, this is the right article you are looking for.


TOP 5 Black ice disposable vapes


HQD is designed and manufactured in China. The e-liquids are also from China. HQD has strict quality control system. T herefore, the e-liquid is tested strictly and matching the disposable vape device perfectly.

The HQD mystery of black ice is revealed as a deep and flavorful blackberry flavor that offers a cool ice finish. Everything about the Black Ice HQD flavor screams sophistication. The HQD disposable vape flavor is deep and rich. It tastes like you are having the real blackberry in your mouth with with a cool, menthol-style finish. The HQD is a popular choice amongst those who are on the border of enjoying both sweet and savory flavors. In general, HQD Black ice disposable vape flavor is rich and smooth.

Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 1200
Flavours: Black Ice
Nicotine: 50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 5mL

The feedbacks of HQD Black ice disposable vapes are great, someone said that HQD Black Ice is his number one disposable vape now. If you haven’t try this vape I can guarantee that you will fall in love with it once you try.


FUME vape is designed and produced in the United States. I have no idea where their e-liquid come from specificly. But it is probably purchased in the USA locally. Some people think that e-liquid from the United States is better than that from China. As I know, the e-liquid quality from these two places are both at average level and sometimes vape companies in the United States import e-liquid from China. Even more, the e-liquid from China is better with all these years experience.

FUME black ice disposable vape is many people’s favorite. This flavor is a deep, rich blackberry flavor, with a smooth, icy finish, which is also what makes Fume Black Ice so tasty. Compared to HQD one, it tastes more gentle.

Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 7000
Flavours: Black Ice
Nicotine: 50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 14mL

Most comments for FUME black ice disposable vape are positive as I searched in multiple vape websites. Most of the commonts say that the this FUME flavor is better than the regular one, the flavor and tastes are smooth and pleasant. It is worth a try.


ELFBAR is getting popular around the world. The Elfbar Black ice disposable vape is one of its best sellers. The flavor is called Black Winter, which provides a fresh take of fresh blackberry. A fantastic blackberry and ice mixture. There is no doubt that Elfbar is No. 1 disposable vape around the world. The Elfbar flavor is the one you do not want to miss definitely.

Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 5000
Flavours: Black Winter
Nicotine: 50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 13mL

Many people like Elfbar because its flavors. The Elfbar Black ice disposable vape has distinct blackberry flavor and remixed with ice cool tastes, which consumers thinks it is smooth hit and rich flavor.


LOST MARY is a sister vape brand with Elfbar. The vape brand is under the same company with Elfbar but the tastes are so different from each other. LOST MARY is getting popular and taking over the top spot of Elfbar. The LOST MARY Black ice disposable vape has distinct ice hit, the blackberry flavor is second after the ice flavor, which is totally different from that of Elfbar Black Winter vape.

Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 5000
Flavours: Black Mint
Nicotine: 50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 13.5mL

Not everyone would like the LOST MARY Black ice disposable vape because it is so cool and stimulating to your buds. Someone love it would think it is his favorite; Someone hates it would think it tastes like a toothpaste.


IGET Vapes mainly sales at Australia, and small portion intermationally. IGET provides you with high quality genuine disposable vapes. IGET high quality vapes usually go with fashionable outlooks. IGET is worth in your vape collections.

The IGET Black ice disposable vape offers a nice blackberry flavour with a slight menthol. The IGET flavor is mild with rich mature blackberry tastes.

Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 1800
Flavours: Blackberry Ice
Nicotine: 50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 7mL

The IGET Black ice disposable vape suits for people who love the ripe sweet blackberry flavor with slightly tart and menthol undertones.

There are also many blackberry flavors for e-liquid vape brands. If you are using MODs or other refillable devices, you are welcome to try the blackberry vape juice. And Blackberry is tasty alone and can also be mixed with other flavors, like black licorice vape juice, or black cherry vape, which can be perfectly matched with the blackberry.




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