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Cookies Vape Pen: Your Guide to Vaping in Style


What is Cookies Vape?

Cookies Vape is a brand of cannabis vape pens that is closely associated with the Cookies lifestyle and cannabis strains. The Cookies brand was established by two visionary founders, Jai and Berner. Jai is a grow expert who played a significant role in the evolution of the modern cannabis industry. He is responsible for breeding some of the most popular cannabis strains, including Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet, Gelato, and Biscotti. Jai’s botanic creativity and expertise have been instrumental in the success of the Cookies brand. He has played a crucial role in the cultivation and breeding of Cookies’ proprietary cannabis cultivars.

Cookie vape brand

Berner, the other co-founder of Cookies, is a business mogul, cannabis trailblazer, and cultural ambassador. He is also a successful rapper and has released 46 albums to date. Berner has founded and co-founded several cannabis-related businesses, including 1212 Ventures, Lemonnade, Cookies SF, Weedmaps, Vibes, Santa Cruz Shredders, Hemp2o Water, Bern One Entertainment music label, and Social Club. Cookies is the most globally recognized cannabis brand in the world, with over 45 retail locations across five countries. Berner’s vision and leadership have been crucial in establishing Cookies as a leading cannabis brand. With its focus on authenticity and innovative genetics, Cookies has become a lifestyle brand that is taking the world by storm.

Cookies vape pen review

HHC 1g Disposable Vape Pen

HHC 1g disposable vape pen for OEM

Price: $32.99

Flavors: Grenadine, Berry Pie, Honey Bun, Georgia Pie, Fish Scale, Cheetah Piss, Grandaddy Pluto

Features: Filled with a full gram of premium HHC distillate and terpenes inspired by exclusive Cookies strains, ready-to-vape right out of the box. For smokeable use only.

Delta 8 1g Disposable Vape Pen

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen 1g for OEM

Price: $29.99

Flavors: Grenadine, Pancakes, Berry Pie, Honey Bun, Georgia Pie, Sweet Tea, Cheetah Piss, London Pound Cake 75

Features: Combines a full gram of premium Delta 8 distillate and terpenes inspired by Cookies flavors, ready-to-vape hardware, and Sativa Hybrid strain type. For smokeable use only.

Delta 8 2g Disposable Vape Pen

Delta8 Disposable Vape Pen 2g for OEM

Price: $34.99

Flavors: Grenadine, Pancakes, Lemonchello, Melted Sherb, Honey Bun, Berry Pie, Cake Mix, Georgia Pie, Hawaiian Rain, Cheetah Piss

Features: 2 full grams of Delta 8 distillate with natural terps, Sativa Hybrid strain type, and a fully psychoactive experience. Press the button on the battery 5 times to turn on, then press and hold the button to inhale.

Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery review

510 Vape Cart Battery for OEM

Price: At an affordable price of $19.99, the Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery offers a budget-friendly option for vape enthusiasts. This cost includes a Micro-USB charger cable, allowing users to quickly charge their device.

Flavors: The Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery is compatible with various delicious flavors of vape cartridges. These include Cereal Milk, Sweet Tea, Pancakes, London Pound Cake 75, Grenadine, Honey Bun, Cheetah Piss, Berry Pie, Fish Scale, Georgia Pie, and Grandaddy Pluto. Ranging from $24.99 per cartridge, the Cookies 510 Vape lineup offers an extensive selection of flavors with Delta 8 1G 510 vape cartridges for a satisfying vaping experience.

Features: The Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery has a single voltage of 2.4V, making it easy to use for all users. It has a user-friendly interface with a power on/off feature that can be accessed by pressing the button five times within two seconds. Users can simply attach the cartridge and inhale to begin vapor production.

The battery also includes a low battery notification, where the LED flashes 10 times. While charging, the LED will flash three times when plugged in, and the LED lights will remain on during the charging process. After the battery is fully charged, the LED will flash 20 times.

How to use Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery?

  1. Cookies Slim Twist

The Cookies Slim Twist is an easy-to-use vape pen with adjustable voltage and a preheat mode. To get started, follow these steps:

  • a. Turn on the device by pressing the firing button five times in quick succession. The LED indicator will flash to signal that the device is on.
  • b. Charge the battery using the provided eGo-USB charger and AC/USB adaptor.
  • c. Adjust the voltage by rotating the adjustable voltage ring at the bottom of the device.
  • d. Activate preheat mode by quickly pressing the power button two times. This will heat the battery for about 15 seconds at 2.0 voltage.
  • e. The Cookies Slim Twist is compatible with 510 cartridges, so simply attach your preferred cartridge and enjoy.
  1. Disposable Prefilled

The Disposable Prefilled Cookies vape pen is the easiest to use, as it requires no buttons or refilling. To start vaping:

a. Simply draw on the mouthpiece, and the device will automatically activate. b. When the e-liquid runs out, dispose of the device responsibly and replace it with a new one.

  1. Disposable Empty

The Disposable Empty Cookies vape pen is similar to the Disposable Prefilled but allows for refilling the cartridge. To use this device:

a. Fill the cartridge with e-liquid either once or refill it with small amounts multiple times. b. Since the battery is not rechargeable, it should last for approximately one filled cartridge. When the battery runs out, replace the entire device.


  1. Are cookie pens good?
    Yes, Cookies vape pens are known for their high-quality and innovative cannabis strains, making them a popular choice among vape enthusiasts.
  2. How much are cookie vape pens?
    The price of Cookies vape pens varies depending on the type and capacity. HHC 1g Disposable Vape Pen costs $32.99, Delta 8 1g Disposable Vape Pen is priced at $29.99, and Delta 8 2g Disposable Vape Pen costs $34.99.
  3. How do I turn on my cookie pen?
    To turn on your Cookies vape pen, press the button on the battery five times within two seconds. The LED indicator will flash, signaling the device is on.
  4. How long does a cookie vape last?
    The duration of a Cookies vape depends on the usage and battery capacity. A typical Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery should last for several days of moderate use before needing a recharge.
  5. Is Cookies cart safe to smoke?
    Yes, Cookies carts are safe to smoke as they use high-quality cannabis distillate and terpenes inspired by exclusive Cookies strains.
  6. Why is Cookies brand so popular?
    The Cookies brand is popular due to its focus on authenticity, innovative genetics, and its association with the Cookies lifestyle and founders Jai and Berner, who are both influential figures in the cannabis industry.
  7. How do you charge a cookie pen?
    To recharge a Cookies 510 Vape Cart Battery, plug the included Micro-USB charger cable into the battery and connect it to a power source. The LED lights will remain on during the charging process and flash 20 times when the battery is fully charged.

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