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Decoding the Lost Mary Vape Light Meanings


Lost Mary Vapes has carved a niche in the vaping market due to its unique blend of flavors and the convenience of its usage. However, one important aspect that often goes unnoticed by many users is the meaning behind the various LED light indicators on the vape device. This guide demystifies the Lost Mary Vape Light Meanings and provides you with insights into how to optimize your vaping experience.

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Understanding the Color-Coded Battery Indicator

The Lost Mary Vape series includes a color-coded LED light that indicates the battery’s charge level. Here’s what each color signifies:

  • Green: This indicates a high battery level. If your vape’s LED light is green, you’re good to go, and you can continue vaping without worries.
  • Blue: A blue light is a warning signal. It indicates a medium battery level, suggesting that you might want to consider charging your device soon.
  • Red: The red light is an urgent alert that the battery level is low. When you see this, it’s time to plug in your device and let it recharge.

Decoding the Flashing Red Light

One common question among vapers is: Why is my vape pen flashing red when charging? This flashing red light is the vape pen’s way of indicating a low battery. This is a standard feature among most vape pens, including the Lost Mary Vape. To resolve this, simply allow your vape pen to finish charging, and the flashing should cease.

The Battery Charging Indicator of Lost Mary OS5000

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A standout feature of the Lost Mary OS5000 is its helpful battery indicator. As the device charges, the light transitions from red to blue, and finally to green. Once the battery is fully charged, the light will blink a few times before turning off. This feature lets you easily identify when your device is ready for use again.


The Burnt Taste: What Does It Mean?

If you start experiencing a burnt taste when using your Lost Mary Vape, it indicates that the device has run out of e-liquid. Unfortunately, Lost Mary Vapes are not refillable. Therefore, when this happens, it’s time to replace your device with a new one.

Placement of the LED Light Indicator

The LED light indicator in Lost Mary Vapes is conveniently located at the top next to the charging port. So, whether the light is green, indicating a full charge, blue for medium, or red for a low charge, you can easily see it without interrupting your vaping session.

Avoid Overnight Charging

While it might be tempting to charge your vape overnight for a full battery in the morning, it’s important to know that this can actually harm your battery’s lifespan. To preserve your battery life and maintain its overall longevity, refrain from charging your Lost Mary Vape overnight.

Understanding the Lost Mary Vape Light Meanings helps you gauge your device’s battery level at a glance. By knowing what each LED light indicates, you can optimize your vaping experience, reduce the chances of running out of power unexpectedly, and keep your device in optimal working condition.


  1. How do I know when my Lost Mary Vape is low on battery?
    When your Lost Mary Vape is low on battery, the LED indicator next to the charging port will display a red light. This light serves as a warning that the battery level is low and it’s time to recharge your device.
  2. What does a green light on my Lost Mary Vape mean?
    A green light on your Lost Mary Vape indicates that the battery is fully charged. If the LED light on your vape is green, this means that your device has sufficient battery life and is ready for use.
  3. Why is the red light blinking on my Lost Mary Vape?
    If the red light on your Lost Mary Vape is blinking, it means that your device is low on battery and is currently charging. This blinking should cease once the device is fully charged.
  4. Can I leave my Lost Mary Vape on charge overnight?
    While it might seem convenient to charge your Lost Mary Vape overnight, it’s not advisable. Overcharging can have a negative impact on your vape’s battery life and overall lifespan. To preserve your vape’s battery, it’s best to charge it only until it’s full and avoid leaving it plugged in for extended periods.

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