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Disposable Sold for 19.9, Cost 2.9 for vape supplier China? Is it possible?


Do you know how much will cost for vape supplier China to manufacture the disposable vape below which is sold for 19.99 US dollars?

Disposable Vape Price

The disposable vape is mainly manufactured in China. Are you searching vape supplier China and have no idea where to start? Are you worrying to be deceived or overbuying? The article is for vape brands and distributors who want to know the actual cost to manufacture a disposable vape. Generally, the cost can be divided into two sections, the material cost and the processing cost. If you are a consumer, you can close this page as the following content may not be of value to you.

What does a disposable vape consist of?

Let’s talk about some basic vape knowledge first. The components of an electronic cigarette are about 20 spare parts, which are listed on what we usually called the BOM. The components can be roughly divided into the following categories, outer shell, battery, atomization components, e-liquid, circuit board, and other accessories such as silicones. How much does each part cost? We are here just talking about the rough cost, it can be different for different vape supplier China.

How much does each part of a disposable vape cost?

Outer shell

The material of disposable vape products’ outer shells is usually plastic or metal (as shown in the figure below). The outer part is generally divided into three parts: the upper cover, the body shell, and the bottom cover. The plastic upper and bottom cover is usually applied on the metal body shell. The material cost of this part for vape supplier China is about 0.3 US dollars.

However, the plastic or metal outer alone is rough and unattractive, the surface process is necessary. The most common surface processes are stickers, metal plating, spray painting, etc. The surface process cost for vape supplier China is generally about 0.1 US dollars.

Disposable Vape Plastic shell
Disposable Vape Metal shell


The battery is an important part of a disposable vape for product performance, which is also the most expensive part. The batteries used in disposable vapes are in different shapes, different capacities, and different components. The battery capacity is the main factor influencing the battery cost. Generally, the more battery capacity, the more cost. The most commonly used battery spends the least and saves time due to massive production and massive purchase. The battery capacity should be matched with the e-liquid capacity. The matching rule is related to many factors, for instance, the product parameters such as resistance and voltage. The specific matching is complicated to figure out for us, it is the job of professional engineers. But generally, more e-liquid needs more battery capacity. Therefore, the disposable vape with more than 8mL e-liquid is often made to be rechargeable to control battery cost.

The most commonly used battery is the lithium battery due to its low discharge rate and gentle discharge voltage. The battery is also limited by the vape product size and functional performance requirements. The large battery capacity will last long but give a large weight, it is important to balance both. The most commonly used batteries are 18250, 13360, 18650, 17350, and 13350.

The battery cost of the disposable vape product for vape supplier China is about 0.6 US dollars.

Disposable Vape 13350 battery

Atomization components

The atomization components are the most complicated part. The atomization components include but are not limited to coils, wick cotton, and coil covering tubes. All the small pieces fit together according to the structure design by engineers. The core part of the atomization components is the coil. Coils can be divided into several categories, mesh coils, horizontal coils, vertical coils, and ceramic coils. And coils can be made from different materials in different shapes, which have their respective pros and cons. Mesh coils are most commonly used because the heating design can generate fine vapor for a smooth vaping experience.

The atomization components cost of the disposable vape product for vape supplier China is about 0.1 US dollars.

Disposable Vape Mesh Coil


The e-liquid is the most important factor for the flavor. There are many factors that can influence the e-liquid flavor itself, such as the quality of the ingredients, the formula, and the blending expert, which are also why the e-liquid costs differently for different suppliers. The order quantity and the nicotine strength can also affect the e-liquid cost. Generally, different flavors from one supplier cost the same. In addition, the e-liquid ingredients proportion should be matched with the device, the voltage, the resistance, and the whole design. The expert match could express the flavor perfectly.

The e-liquid cost of the disposable vape product for vape supplier China is about 0.8 US dollars.

Disposable Vape Oil

Circuit board

Circuit board is an important part of e-cigarettes, the master control of the vape products. The circuit board includes the air switch, the charging port (if rechargeable), the light, and all the circuits. The circuit board controls the air switch sensitivity (the draw resistance), the light rules, and the charging current. And the circuit board size should be agreed with the device size, and be agreed with the coil resistance and the battery voltage. Generally, the circuit board should be tailored according to the device design.

The circuit board cost of the disposable vape product for vape supplier China is about 0.5 US dollars.

Disposable Vape Circuit board

Other accessories

The accessories of a vape product include silicones, cotton, and other small accessories. Silicones are mainly used for sealing and protection, such as upper and bottom sealing silicones to prevent leakage, sealing silicones to prevent air entrance from other sides, and silicones in the mouthpiece to protect the e-liquid from contamination and volatilization. Cotton is a perfect material fitting e-liquid. Cotton can be used for e-liquid storage, e-liquid absorption under the mouthpiece to proof draw e-liquid to your mouth directly, and cotton to wick the e-liquid. And there are other accessories that help fixation, buffering, or isolation, such as the tube, screw, and EVA. The accessories are all small pieces but all necessary.

The accessories cost of the disposable vape product for vape supplier China is about 0.3 US dollars.

Disposable Vape Silicones


How much is the processing charge?

All these parts need to be put together to make a complete and functional product, then the assembling and processing are needed. The processing charge can be different for different assembly processes or for different manufacturers.

The processing cost of the disposable vape product for vape supplier China is about 0.4 US dollars.

In conclusion

The disposable vape product that sold for 19.9 US dollars mentioned at the beginning of the article would cost about 3.1 US dollars (0.4 US dollars for the outer shell, 0.6 US dollars for the battery, 0.1 US dollars for atomization components, 0.8 US dollars for e-liquid, 0.5 US dollars for circuit board, 0.3 US dollars for accessories, 0.4 US dollars for processing) to be manufactured for vape supplier China.

The cost to manufacture a vape product is influenced by many factors. A good vape supplier China could force prices down and simultaneously provide high-quality products, which is a big challenge to its supply chain. KEYSTONE team has more than 10 years of experience in the vape supply chain, contact us for a better vape product cost solution.

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