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Experience the Next Level of Vaping with Nova Vape: Convenience, Quality, and Flavor in One


Nova Vape have taken cannabis enjoyment to a whole new level, redefining the way enthusiasts partake. These vape cartridges bring forth convenience and discretion, offering an effortless and unobtrusive method to consume cannabis while on the move. Simplifying the process to its core, Nova Disposable Carts eradicate the need for chargers, refills, or complex setups. Unwrapping the cart and taking a draw unleashes a seamless and flavorful vapor experience.

The inconspicuous design of Nova Disposable Carts opens the door to discreet cannabis indulgence. Whether mingling at social gatherings, embarking on travels, or seeking a private moment of relaxation, these disposable carts present an elegant and practical solution. Their sleek size conveniently slips into pockets or bags, making them the go-to choice for discreet and portable cannabis consumption.

Smok Novo Vape 2X: A Remarkable Starter Kit Triumph by Smok

The SMOK Novo 2X takes the classic Novo 2 design and elevates it with enticing new features that will capture the attention of Novo enthusiasts worldwide. Retaining its small and compact form factor, the Novo 2X houses an 800mAh integrated battery to ensure extended vaping sessions.

Keeping the well-loved 2mL pod size, the Novo 2X goes a step further by maintaining backward compatibility with Novo, Novo 2, and Novo 2s pods, providing flexibility for those who already possess these accessories. Yet, what truly sets the Novo 2X apart are its two standout enhancements that will undoubtedly delight vapers.

Firstly, the introduction of an airflow control switch empowers users to finely adjust the airflow to their precise preference, customizing their vaping experience. However, the game-changer lies in the new refill system. Replacing the previous leak-prone side fill mechanism with a top fill slot, refilling has never been simpler. A quick snap of the top cap unveils the fill port, allowing for mess-free refills without the need to remove the pod. Bid farewell to sticky vape juice mishaps.

Boasting a 2mL vape juice capacity, the transparent window provides visibility into juice levels. Operating at a maximum output of 20W, the Novo 2X’s intelligent chipset eliminates the need for complex settings. With draw activation, just fill your preferred nic salt flavor, wait for the coil to saturate, and you’re ready to vape.

Charging convenience is also addressed with the Type-C USB slot at the base, ensuring faster and more straightforward charging compared to the older Micro USB standard.

The Novo 2X arrives in a vibrant array of colors to match individual styles. With over 1500 user reviews for the SMOK Novo 2, averaging 4.7, the Novo 2X builds upon the foundation of its predecessor by introducing airflow adjustment, leak-proof pods, and an innovative top fill system.

Design And Build Quality

I had the pleasure of trying out the Nova Vape in the stunning 7-colour Cobra Prism version, and I must say, it’s the most visually captivating color in their lineup. As someone who still appreciates the allure of Rainbow-colored devices in 2023, I was excited to get my hands on it.

The packaging itself is impressive, complete with protective covers that add an extra layer of care to the device. A QR code on the front cover caught my attention, and I later learned that it’s not just for aesthetics – it plays a role in the warranty verification process. Holding onto it seems like a wise move.

A concise 13-page instruction manual accompanies the device, covering all necessary information in a single language. While the text might be a bit small for some readers, the manual is remarkably comprehensive. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no option to download an enlarged version from the Smok website, which could be a drawback for those needing larger font sizes.


  1. The Nova Vape’s plastic outer shell boasts a stunning finish that not only looks great but feels remarkably durable, ensuring a long-lasting companion for your vaping journey.
  2. The device arrives protected with covers that maintain its pristine condition, indicating a thoughtful approach to preserving its aesthetics.
  3. The user-friendly instructions, though small in text, provide comprehensive guidance on usage, safety, and maintenance, enhancing the overall experience.
  4. The Nova Vape embraces compatibility with previous Novo pods, allowing users to seamlessly transition and enjoy their preferred accessories.
  5. Simplifying the vaping process, this device offers straightforward operation, with airflow adjustment as a standout feature that caters to individual preferences.
  6. Its sleek design offers a lovely hand feel, featuring a super smooth finish that’s both comfortable and stylish.
  7. The firm grip that secures the pod in the mod ensures stability, preventing any accidental detachment.
  8. Users can rejoice in a leak-free experience, with the added advantage of an auto-draw fire mechanism that remains quick and responsive, regardless of airflow adjustments.
  9. Whether you prefer MTL or RDL airflow restrictions, the Nova Vape accommodates both, providing a versatile vaping experience.


  1. The snap-off mouthpiece fill method, while innovative, might be challenging for some users to grip comfortably. A potential solution is to opt for Novo or Novo 2 pods with side fill ports to address this concern.
  2. Removing the pod from the mod could be cumbersome due to the firm grip, which might be less convenient for some users.
  3. The LED indicator’s size might pose visibility challenges for users, particularly in certain lighting conditions.
  4. The Nova Vape’s inability to stand vertically could be a minor inconvenience when not in use.
  5. For those who struggle with small text, the lack of a downloadable instruction manual is a drawback that hampers accessibility.
  6. The charging rate of 0.7A via USB Type-C might be considered slow by some users, highlighting a potential area for improvement in future iterations.


  • Size: 97(h)x24.5(w)x14.5mm(d)
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Pod Capacity: 2mL
  • Power Range: 4-20W
  • Charging Current: Max 0.7A
  • Over-charging Current: 1A¬±0.6A
  • Over-discharging Voltage: 2.4A¬±0.03V
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 3.0V-4.0V
  • Standby Current: Ôºú50uA
  • Resistance Range: 0.6-2.5 Ohm
  • Charging Voltage: 5V¬±0.2V
  • Over-charging Voltage: 4.3V¬±0.05V

Colour Options

  • 7-colour Cobra
  • Black Cobra
  • Fluid 7-colour
  • Fluid Black Grey
  • Green Blue Cobra
  • Rasta Green Cobra
  • Red Stabilizing Wood
  • Silver Black Cobra
  • Silver Red Cobra
  • White Cobra

Inside The Box

  1. 1x Novo 2X Device
  2. 2x Novo 2X Meshed 0.9 Ohm MTL Pods
  3. 1x Type-C USB Cable
  4. 1x User Manual

FAQs About

1.Can you use other Novo Pods on the Novo 2X?
Yes the Novo 2X is backwards compatible with previous Novo and Novo 2 pods. It should be noted that the previous pods do not have top fill like the Novo 2X pods.

2.Can I use nicotine salts with the Novo 2X?
We recommend using either nicotine salts or 50/50 liquids with the Novo 2X.

3.What is new about the Novo 2X that makes it different from previous versions?
The main difference with the Novo 2X is the top fill pods. Previous versions all used side fill which is prone to leaking.

In Conclusion

Novo Vape 2X stands as a remarkable triumph in the world of starter kits, showcasing Smok’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. By building upon the classic Novo 2 design and introducing enticing new features, this device captures the attention of Novo enthusiasts worldwide. Its small and compact form factor houses a powerful 800mAh integrated battery, ensuring extended vaping sessions without compromise.The Novo 2X’s array of vibrant colors and its ability to cater to a variety of vaping preferences make it a noteworthy successor to the SMOK Novo 2. With its combination of airflow adjustment, leak-proof pods, and innovative top fill system, the Novo 2X is poised to delight Novo fans and newcomers alike, showcasing Smok’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of vaping technology.

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