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Is Grape a Good Vape Flavour?


Is grape a good vape flavour? I believe many vapors have this common question in your mind.Fruit-flavored disposable vape is popular is popular in the world.

According to the investigation, the global disposable vape market size was estimated at USD 5.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 6.77 billion in 2022. Obviously, the global market for disposable vape is still growing.The market for fruit-flavored disposable vape accounts for the majority.

Grape Flavor

Why do disposable vape have so many different flavors?

There are more than7,000 vape juice flavors available in the world.

7000 flavors vape juice
  1. The number of vapor is very large.
  2. Different countries have different requirements for the taste of e-liquid. Each country has its own preferred taste, and even different regions of a country have different taste preferences. vape consumers of different ages also have different tastes for e-liquid. have different preferences.
  3. The e-liquid factory is constantly developing new flavors to cater to the vast number of vape consumers, and prepares a taste that combines various foods for testing. This is also one of the most important reasons for the taste of e-liquid.

Are there other grape-flavored disposable vape?

Of course, in addition to ordinary grape-flavored disposable electronic cigarettes, there are also many electronic cigarettes that combine grape flavors with other flavors, such as: grape ice vape, aloe grape disposable vape, grape ice disposable vape, grapefruit vape, etc.

Top 5 grape disposable vape in the world

1. Elf Bar 600 Grape Disposable Vape

Elf Bar 600 disposable vape
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 600
Flavours: Fruit
Tags: Grape
Nicotine: 0mg, 10mg, 20mg
VG/PG: 50/50

2. Fizzy Juice Grape Candy Disposable Vape

fizzy juice grape disposable vape
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 600
Flavours: Fruit, Candy & Sweets
Tags: Grape, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy
Nicotine: 10mg, 20mg
VG/PG: 50/50

3. Geek Bar Grape Disposable Vape

Geek bar grape disposable vape
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 575
Flavours: Fruit
Tags: Grape
Nicotine: 20mg
VG/PG: 50/50

4. Aroma King Grape Ice Disposable Vape

Aroma king grape disposable vape
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 600
Flavours: Fruit, Ice & Cool
Tags: Fruits, Grape, Ice & Cool
Nicotine: 0mg, 10mg, 20mg
VG/PG: 50/50

5. Elf Bar NC600 Grape Energy Disposable Vape

geek bar vimmy disposable vape
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 575
Flavours: Fruit
Tags: Apple, Blackcurrant, Grape
Nicotine: 20mg
VG/PG: 50/50

Components of disposable vape

The main components of vape include: heating element (atomizer) a power source (usually a battery) vape juice.

  1. Battery

There are three types of batteries for vape

  • Disposable:Early vape devices were used for a short time, so the built-in battery was also disposable, and the entire device was thrown away after the vapor was used up.
    • Integrated batteries:The integrated built-in battery is now used in mainstream vape with a large number of puffs, and can be recharged repeatedly. However, after the e-liquid or battery power of the vape device is exhausted, the vape device needs to be thrown away.
    • Removable batteries:Removable batteries are used in good vaping devices, but when the battery cannot be recharged, the battery of the device can be replaced.
  • Atomizer:

A general atomizer consists of an atomizing tube, a heating wire, and a cotton core.

  • Disposable:The disposable vape atomizer is relatively simple. After the vape is used up, the entire device can be thrown away without replacement and maintenance.
    • Cartomizers:This Cartomizers can be replaced for maintenance, when the vape tastes burnt.It can be replaced and cleaned.
  • Vape juice or E-liquid: Both of these are solutions in vape equipment. The mixture of different substances will make vape have different tastes.

Only when the quality of the above three main parts is very good, can the disposable vape work completely, and the vape juice can exert its own taste, and it is less likely to have a burnt smell.

What happens inside the vape when you vaping?

When you inhales, the sensing element will be triggered to make the battery supply power to the heating element, which will atomize the vape juice. So people can breathe out the smoke.

In the working stage of disposable vape, the atomization of e-liquid is very important. Only when the atomization effect is good, consumers can smoke good-tasting smoke


What substances do vape juice contain?

A common E-Liquid consists of four basic ingredients; water, nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (or sometimes a mixture of PG and VG).

  1. Nicotine – the addictive ingredient in vapes and traditional cigarettes. When nicotine enters the brain, it will release a sense of pleasure. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, the nicotine content of vape is very low, so it does not have much impact on health.
  2. Propylene Glycol – often used to create artificial smoke, for shows
  • Glycerin – a colorless, odorless liquid with a slightly sweet taste, found in many foods and medicines
  • Flavorings – more than thousands of flavors, such as fruit flavor, biscuit flavor, cinnamon flavor, tobacco flavor, etc… The reason why vape have so many flavors is mainly because of the existence of flavoring, which guarantees that vape In the case of the atomization and stability of the oil, the taste of the e-liquid is very important for an vape product.

Top 5 grape Vape juice

1. Grape ice vape juice

The grape ice disposable vape is of course ranked first, and it is loved by almost all disposable vape enthusiasts. It contains both the grape flavor of the disposable vape and the feeling of ice and ice. Almost most of the fruit-flavored disposable vape is combined with ice to get a better taste.

2. Grape soda vape juice

The taste of grape soda vape juice is very similar to grape soda water, so it is also very popular among vapors.

3. Grape menthol vape juice

The taste of the menthol vape juice is similar to that of grape ice, but the menthol flavor is very strong, and it is more sensational to vaping, so it is also listed as the top five in the grape-flavored e-liquid.

4. Grapefruit vape juice

Grapefruit vape juice flavored e-cigarettes are also very popular among vapers in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The grape flavor of this e-liquid is not so strong.

5. Mango Grape vape juice

Mango grape vape juice flavored vape juice is very popular in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Compared with ordinary grape-flavored vape juice, this flavored vape juice is very sweet.

In Conclusion:

There are various flavors of vape in the world. The fundamental reason is the variety of e-liquids and consumers’ constant pursuit of new vape2 flavors. According to incomplete statistics, Elf Bar 600 Grape Disposable Vape is The best so far.

Among the many grape-flavored e-liquids, the flavor of Grape Ice is favored by vapors.

While satisfying the many tastes of vapes, it is also a huge challenge for vape manufacturers. It is necessary to take into account the taste of the product and the quality and appearance of vape products. Therefore, choosing a good vape manufacturer is very important. It is very important for an vape brand. KEYSTONE‘s R&D team has more than ten years of experience and has developed many products for internationally renowned brands.

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