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Is vaping harmful? A truth tell from vape juice manufacturers


Is vaping harmful? It has been a hot topic for years around the world. Let’s find out if vaping is harmful and what are factors responsible for that. It is a truth told by vape juice manufacturers.

UK VS USA attitudes to vapes

As we heard, e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco, published by Public Health England (PHE). The evidence review has been published to show that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to health than tobacco and have the potential to help smokers quit smoking. There are more than 3.5 million people in the UK in 2021 using vape products. It was found by a research institution that, with the help of vapes, about 50,000 smokers have quit successfully since 2017. In general, the UK government is supportive of vapes.

However, the USA vapes regulator, FDA, finds that there are many problems and potential violations that can be caused by the vapes, such as overheating, fires, and explosions, lung injuries, seizures, and other neurological symptoms. FDA reported that the problems can seriously hurt the person using the ENDS product and others around them. The popularity of vapes among teenagers in the USA and the outbreak of lung injuries (EVALI) in 2019 made the FDA introduce more regulations to crack down on ENDS products.

The USA and the UK’s attitudes to vapes are totally different. The UK is supportive and the USA is objective. Which is right, and if vaping is harmful? Let’s consult some vape juice manufacturers, to tell the truth.

USA VS UK VAPE ATTITUDES - vape manufacturer

What is related to vaping harmfulness?

The e-cigarettes influence our bodies mainly by vapor, which is atomized from e-liquid by hardware to enter our mouth and lung and be absorbed by our bodies. A disposable vape consists of many parts and can be divided into two parts roughly according to how to generate the vapor, the e-liquid, and the hardware, which are the main factors related to vaping harmless according to the vape juice manufacturers. The e-liquid is vaporized to vapor enter our mouth and our body; hardware is what makes the e-liquid vaporized and may deliver small particles during the vaping process. That’s why they affect the vaping harmfulness.

vapor - vape manufacturer

What’s in e-liquid?

The vapor ingredients are mainly from e-liquid, which is the vape juice manufacturers are most familiar with. So the e-liquid ingredients are the determining factor for the hardness of the vapor. Generally, different flavors of e-liquid consist of different ingredients. And the same flavor of e-liquids from different vape juice manufacturers consists of different ingredients. Most of the e-liquids consist of glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings.

The raw material for the e-liquid is important. vape juice manufacturers pay much attention to this part. The higher pureness of the material is the better. The requirements for the raw material of the e-liquids are more than 99%, which could reduce the hardness of the impurities. And many regulations in different countries stipulate that some additives are prohibited from being used in e-liquids, such as vitamins, caffeine, or additives having coloring properties for emissions. There are also limitations on nicotine strengths in different countries, such as 20mg/mL in EU countries. However, the lower the nicotine strength, the better. Low nicotine strength is low addiction but is not good to relieve the cravings for smokers to quit sometimes.

Chemicals that are allowed to be used in e-liquids could react with each other under some conditions, usually are high temperatures. And the e-liquid would be heated when vaporizing. Therefore, the e-liquid professionals in vape juice manufacturers who know everything about these materials are necessary. They not only need to ensure the e-liquid ingredients will not react with each other in unburnt form or when heating into harmful substances, but also to ensure the flavors of the e-liquids. According to data from a research institution, fruity flavors are the most popular, followed by menthol and tobacco flavors in 2021.

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Vape juice manufacturers: How is e-liquid vaporized?

The hardware is used to vaporize the e-liquid. Therefore, the harm of the e-cigarette can not blame on the vape juice manufacturers alone. The fine particles of the hardware may be delivered during the vaporizing, especially those in contact with the e-liquid and mouth directly. The toxicity and stability of the hardware material itself are important factors influencing the toxicity of vapor. If the material is stable, it will not be transferred into the vapor to influence our health; If the material is non-toxic, it will not influence our health even if the material particles are transferred into the vapor to enter our body.

The transferred substances quantity is also related to the whole structures of the vapes. A good structure will control the vaporizing temperature perfectly (around 220-240 degrees celsius) to express the flavor to the greatest extent and simulately reduce the substances generated from other parts.

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What’s in the vapor?

Vapor is generated from e-liquid by an e-cigarette heating system. To determine the harm of the vapor, decades of tests will be carried out to measure harmful substances in emissions. Let’s see what tests on vape juice manufacturers’ testing lists.

Nicotine is a special chemical in vapor, which is a poisonous and addictive chemical. Therefore, controlling the nicotine content to a safe scope is important. The nicotine consistency test is to ensure the nicotine content is not more than the content marked.

Carbonyl compounds are one of the most poisonous components in vapor (if any). The Carbonyl compounds test mainly includes Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, and Crotonaldehyde tests.

Metals test is another important test, such as Chromium(Cr), Nickel(Ni), Lead(Pb), Cadmium(Cd), Arsenic(As),Antimony(Sb), and Mercury(Hg), which will harm our health seriously if any.

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines test, for instance, N-nitrosonornicotine(NNN), 4-(N-methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone(NNK),N-nitrosoanabasine (NAB) and N-nitrosoanatabine (NAT)7 tests will ensure the safety of the vapor.

VOCs such as Toluene, Benzene, 1,3-butadiene, and Isoprene tests will also be carried out to avoid poison from the vapor.

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