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Juicy Bar Vape JB5000: The New King of Puff Count and Flavor Variety

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In a saturated market where a new vape bar emerges every other day, choosing the right one can be a complex decision. While the Elf Bar has long been a fan-favorite, the Juicy Bar JB5000 is a formidable newcomer that offers compelling features at a competitive price point. Before we delve into the specifics of Juicy Bar JB5000, it’s worth mentioning its rivals. Close competitors like Air Bar Box Vape, Elf Bar, Lost Mary OS5000, Esco Bars, and Truly Bars all vie for the same customer base. Each has its unique features, but what sets the JB5000 apart are its exceptional capabilities bundled at an affordable price.


  • E-liquid Capacity: 13ml
  • 5000 Puffs Approx.
  • Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery (Type C)
  • 1.2 Ohms Mesh Coil Heating
  • Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Salt Nic Formulation (5%) 50mg Strength
  • A Proud American Product

Design and Build Quality

juice bar vape

With a matte finish that feels luxurious to the touch, the JB5000 offers an aesthetic that is both modern and sophisticated. However, don’t be deceived by its good looks; this vape bar is as rugged as they come.

It’s not just a pretty face. The JB5000’s sturdy outer casing is built to withstand the bumps and knocks of daily life. Whether it’s an accidental drop or a toss into your gym bag, this device holds its own. It’s perfect for those who live an active lifestyle and need a vape that can keep up. The durable construction gives you peace of mind, ensuring that your investment will last.

Juicy Bar JB5000 is its draw-activated firing mechanism. Say goodbye to fumbling around with buttons; this vape simplifies the process. Just draw, and it fires up. Not only does this contribute to the device’s sleek appearance, but it also makes vaping more straightforward, especially for newcomers to the scene.

The JB5000 hits the sweet spot between form and function. It’s stylish but not over-the-top, making it a device you’d proudly display. Whether you’re pulling it out for a quick vape break at work or showing it off at a social gathering, it’s a device that stands out for all the right reasons.

Battery and Charging

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The robust 650mAh built-in battery focuses on efficient and consistent power delivery, negating the need for frequent recharges. This feature makes the JB5000 an ideal pick for those constantly on the move.
The battery life of a disposable vape is often a make-or-break factor for many users. Thankfully, the Juicy Bar JB5000 comes equipped with an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery. This high-capacity battery ensures that the device remains consistent in its power delivery, from the first puff to the 5000th. The inclusion of Type-C charging furthers its convenience, allowing for quicker charging times compared to standard micro USB. What this means for the user is less time tethered to a charging point and more time enjoying a seamless vaping experience.


juice bar vape

Juicy Bar JB5000offering a wide array of flavors that could leave any vaper spoilt for choice. From fruity delights like Blueberry Raspberry and Colombian Coffee Ice to exotic concoctions like Brazilian Cocktail, the JB5000 ensures there’s a flavor for every palate. Limited editions like Alaskan Blueberry Mint add a layer of exclusivity, making each puff a unique experience.

But it’s not just the variety; it’s also about the quality. Each flavor is crafted to deliver a full-bodied, satisfying vape, thanks to the 1.2 Ohms mesh coil heating system. Whether you’re a fan of classic tobacco or you’re in the mood for something more adventurous like Tropical Rainbow Blast, the Juicy Bar JB5000 delivers with excellence.


The e-liquid capacity of any disposable vape essentially dictates how long you can go before needing a refill or a new device. Most disposable vapes in the market offer a meager 6-8ml e-liquid capacity. The Juicy Bar JB5000 breaks away from this trend with its jaw-dropping 13ml e-liquid reserve. This ample capacity not only ensures that you can vape longer but also allows for a greater variety of flavors to be enjoyed in a single device. The larger volume is a godsend for vapers who find themselves continually running out of juice or those who embark on long journeys and require a device that can withstand extended use.

One of the most remarkable features of the Juicy Bar JB5000 is its approximately 5000 puffs, which is nearly double what most other disposables offer. For a moderate vaper, this could mean that a single device can last up to a couple of weeks. This extended puff count eliminates the need for carrying backups or worrying about device replacements, thereby simplifying the vaping experience. The high puff count also has financial benefits, as you’ll find yourself buying fewer devices over time, leading to potential savings.

Aside from the significant e-liquid capacity, enduring battery life, and extraordinary puff count, the Juicy Bar JB5000 offers an array of additional features designed to enhance your vaping experience. The 1.2 Ohms mesh coil heating system ensures a smoother and more satisfying vapor production, crucial for those who seek a richer flavor and denser clouds. The draw-activated firing mechanism adds an extra layer of convenience, negating the need to mess around with buttons, which can be particularly beneficial for those new to vaping. Moreover, the device utilizes a salt nic formulation with a strength of 5% (50mg), providing not just a satisfactory nicotine hit, but also a smoother throat hit, making it ideal for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes.

In Conclusion

Juicy Bar JB5000’s innovative design, coupled with top-tier performance and battery life, make it a standout choice for both new and experienced vapers alike. The juice bar vape’s 13ml e-liquid capacity and impressive 5000-puff lifespan are unparalleled, resolving the issue of constant refills and frequent device replacements. The integrated 650mAh battery is not just long-lasting but also quick to recharge, thanks to its Type-C compatibility. What sets this device apart even further is its ease of use; the draw-activated firing mechanism makes vaping as simple as taking a breath.


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