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MFused Vape Pen: Excellence Meets Convenience in Cannabis Consumption


In the ever-evolving world of cannabis consumption, finding a product that combines excellence and consistency can be a challenge. That’s where MFused steps in. As a cannabis formulation company with over a decade of experience, founded in the heart of Seattle, Washington, they’ve honed the art of crafting vape pens that deliver targeted distillates with the utmost precision. In this review, we delve into the world of MFused Vape Pens, exploring their commitment to quality, extraction methods, and the delightful array of flavors they offer.

What is Mfused Vape Pen?

MFused has earned a reputation as a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, known for producing some of Washington’s most popular and potent vape cartridges. Their secret? A relentless pursuit of quality, guided by both science and the free-thinking spirit of the cannabis community. This unique blend of culture and cutting-edge extraction methods results in flavorful and dependable products, a standard they’ve maintained with their disposable vape pens.

Distillate Disposable Vape Pens
MFused’s TWISTED Disposable Vape Pens, featuring high-potency THC extracts, pack a powerful punch in a slim and portable vaporizer. These disposable vapes boast a high THC percentage and boast fragrant flavor profiles. What sets them apart is their commitment to preserving the natural terpenes of the cannabis plant. Unlike some competitors, MFused never adds artificial terpenes to their products. Instead, they’ve developed a proprietary extraction method that maximizes terpene retention in their concentrates.
The key highlights of their distillate disposable vape pens include:

  • High potency
  • Rich in natural terpenes
  • Fully rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • Rigorously independently tested for quality

Full Spectrum Cured Sauce Disposable Pen
MFused’s full spectrum cannabis extract offers an authentic representation of the cannabis plant, providing consumers with balanced aromatic profiles and cannabinoid potency. By using freshly cured and flash-frozen flower, MFused can accentuate and maintain the essence of the cannabis plant in concentrate form. These full spectrum cured sauce disposable vape pens are characterized by:

  • Freshly formulated extracts
  • Zero artificial additives or flavors
  • Full rechargeability via Micro-USB
  • Stringent independent testing for quality assurance

Mfused Vape Pen Series

FSE Disposable Vape


  • Bacio Gelato:Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC Tasting Notes: Sweet, Herbal, Earthy Effects: Relaxing, Euphoria, Uplifting
  • Cream Cookiez:Genetics: Cookies N Cream x Secret Weapon Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Diesel, Peppery Effects: Relaxing, Sleepy, Happy
  • Hawaiian Dutch:Genetics: Hawaiian x Dutch Treat Tasting Notes: Tropical, Citrus, Earthy Effects: Uplifting, Creative, Energizing 

Full Spectrum Extract is MFUSED’s authentic artisanal representation of a whole plant extract, balancing purity, aromatic terpene profiles, and cannabinoid potency. Our Full Spectrum Extract utilizes a minimal impact and organic processing technique with freshly cured and flash-frozen cannabis to accentuate and maintain the essence of a natural strain profile, delivering only the best flavor & fragrance of every strain. Now available in a fully rechargeable hardware.
New & Refined Formulation
Slim & Powerful Hardware
Fully Rechargeable Device with Micro-USB Port
Zero Artificial Additives and Flavoring
Independently Tested to Ensure No Harmful Pesticide

Live Resin Disposable


  • Afghani Kush
  • Blue Dream
  • Blueberry Space Cake
  • Granddaddy Purp
  • Green Crack
  • Zwats
  • Sour Diesel

MFUSED STRAINS All-In-One Vape represents the cutting-edge of high-potency cannabis experiences. Now with Live Resin Cannabis Terpenes, this vape offers a nuanced and true-to-life cannabis flavor profile that’s unparalleled in the industry. Designed with convenience in mind, our vapes require no additional parts and come ready-to-use right out of the packaging. Its slim and discreet design makes it the perfect on-the-go companion, with high-quality components to ensure long-lasting performance and uninterrupted elevation. Join the ranks of true cannabis connoisseurs and discover the future of cannabis consumption. Experience the MFUSED™ difference and enjoy the True Spirit of Cannabis. – High Potency & Purity THC Distillate with Live Resin Cannabis Terpenes – Slim & Powerful All-In-One Vaporizer – Full Rechargeable Device via Micro-USB – Optimized Airflow for Smoother and Bigger Hits – Zero Artificial Additives and Flavoring – Independently Tested to Ensure No Harmful Pesticides

Twisted Disposable Vape


  • Tropical Trip:Tropical, Sweet, Fruity
  • Sunny OG:Citrus, Sweet, Creamy
  • Strawberry Banana:Sweet, Creamy, Fruit 
  • Pink Lemon Haze: Citrus, Sweet, Strawberry
  • Melon Ice:Fruity, Minty, Fresh
  • Mango Dream::Tropical, Sweet, Mango
  • Green Apple Kush: Apple, Sweet, Kush

Twisted Disposable Vape feature the same High Potency THC Extract with a twist of all-natural terpenes, now in a slim and powerful vaporizer.
High Potency THC Extract with Natural Terpenes
Slim & Powerful Hardware
Fully Rechargeable Device with Micro-USB Port
Zero Artificial Additives and Flavoring
Independently Tested to Ensure No Harmful Pesticides

Balance Disposable Vape


  • Tranquility:27% CBG 1% CBN
  • Zenergy:21% CBG 1% CBN
  • Sleepen:19% CBN 2% CBG

Balance Disposable Vape features an equal distribution of THC, CBD, and CBG for a balanced all-day vape that keeps your mind relaxed to take on any task without being overly intoxicated.
1g of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
Zenergy: Unique blend of THC and CBG formulated as an energetic and invigorating all-day vape
Tranquility: Even distribution of CBG, CBD and THC formulated as a balanced all-day vape
Sleepen: Unique blend of THC to CBN formulated to help bolster and restore mind and body Balance
Proprietary polyextraction methods used to capture whole plant benefits
Pure Cannabis Derived Oil
Independently batch tested to ensure no harmful pesticides
No Cutting Agents and/or Additives, EVER
Full Rechargeable Device via Micro-USB


1.Are Mfused disposables legit?
Yes, Mfused disposables are now legit, we at puff La have become extremely credible with all of our products coming in. With the very special or premium line out, also called as VSOP, Mfused disposable vape proves to be high standard. The oil is very powerful and potent as it claims to be. Although the standard of the oil is top notch on the kream 2g vape, the flavor of the hit flavors extremely natural and are not as flavorful. This neutral tasting Mfused dispo is not that harsh and provides smooth hits. The disposables that Mfused brand uses is seen on many kinds of disposables today. There is nothing unique about them other than its comfort and simplicity. Also, these disposables do have a twist on mouth piece, permitting you to reuse them.

2.What’s in a Mfused disposable vape pen?
Each Mfused disposable vape is filled with high-quality premium THC oil and natural cannabis terpenes as well as the Mfused carts. They create a soothing calm that brings peace of mind. The best part about Mfused disposables is that they utilize all-natural ingredients only, unlike some other vape pens out there that contain artificial additives.

3.Can I Use The Mfused disposable vape pen With Any Concentrate?
The Mfused disposable vape pen is designed for a one time use with THC liquid concentrates. It is not suitable for use with thick oils or herbs. When using a thick product, it’s possible that the oil will accumulate in the heating chamber and may cause leakage. Moreover, see other vape carts and disposable vapes like friendly farms carts, live carts, piff bar, muha meds disposables cali plug carts Dank vapes etc.

4.Price of a Mfused disposable vape
The price of Mfused disposable vape varies depending on many factors. Still, you can get the product from $25 to $60 depending on who you are buying from.

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