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Myster Vape SlickStick: A Paradigm Shift in Affordable Vaping

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If you’re on the hunt for something that mystifies the line between affordability and quality, then you’re in for a treat today. I’ve been hands-on with the SlickStick, a device that boldly declares you don’t have to sacrifice features for price. Operating on a 320mAh variable voltage battery and supporting USB-C charging, it’s engineered for the modern vaper. Compatible with both 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml 510 cartridges, this device opens up a world of possibilities for flavor and intensity. While its aesthetic appeal is a sight to behold, particularly the mesmerizing Thermal Green/Blue color variant, it’s the performance that has me hooked. So, let’s unravel the layers of this mysteriously compelling vape pen—Myster Vape SlickStick—and see if it’s the golden ticket you’ve been searching for in the vaping world.


  • 650mAh Battery
  • Strong Magnetic Base
  • 510 Thread Compatible
  • Fits Most Threaded 0.5g and 1g Carts
  • Variable Voltage
  • Pre-Heat Mode
  • USB-C Charging

Design and Build Quality

myster vape

Priced at an accessible $30, this vaping device doesn’t make your wallet cringe. But don’t let the price fool you into thinking it’s just another run-of-the-mill vape pen. Compatibility with both 0.5 ml and 1.0 ml 510 cartridges sets this bad boy apart, serving a broad spectrum of vaping preferences right off the bat. Finding a device that harmonizes affordability and functionality is akin to striking gold, and the SlickStick is that golden nugget.

As someone who values aesthetics, I was spellbound by the Thermal Green/Blue color variant. Depending on how you look at it, the color morphs, presenting a visual spectacle that elevates the vaping experience to an art form. But design isn’t just skin deep; it’s also about how a product feels in your hand, its weight, its texture, and its build quality. The SlickStick scores high in all these departments. Its magnetic bottom cap, locking your cartridges into a secure embrace. No wobbling, no accidental slips; it’s like a steadfast relationship but with your vape cartridge.

If you’re anything like me, your vape device is an extension of yourself. And let’s face it, we all have clumsy moments. I’ve had my fair share of butterfingers incidents with the SlickStick, and guess what? It handled the drops like a champion boxer handles punches—without a flinch, maintaining its aesthetic integrity and functionality. That’s durability for you.

Battery and Charging

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Myster Vape SlickStick is a study in contrasts—modern yet incomplete, efficient yet limited in scope. Let’s begin with the battery itself: a 320mAh variable voltage unit that offers both 3.0V and 3.8V settings. The device champions USB-C compatibility, aligning itself with today’s fast-paced charging standards. This means you can charge the device more efficiently, providing a hassle-free experience. Well, almost hassle-free, because here’s the kicker—the charging cord is not included. Depending on how you look at it, that could be a hiccup or a minor roadblock.

While the battery’s 320mAh capacity may seem modest, don’t underestimate it. In practice, it does more than a satisfactory job, ensuring a consistent vaping experience throughout. Depending on your voltage settings and usage habits, the battery life should comfortably see you through a reasonable period. But let’s keep it real—you’ll need to have a backup or your charging cord at the ready if you plan on a marathon session.

However, there’s one aspect that nudges my satisfaction level down a notch—the device’s lowest voltage setting of 3.0V. For vapers like me, who lean towards a softer draw, this isn’t ideal. It limits the device’s versatility, particularly for those interested in microdosing or stretching out the lifespan of their cartridges. It’s not a total deal-breaker, but it is a limitation to be aware of.

The device’s unique voltage adjustment mechanism—a series of quick puffs, three for voltage and two for pre-heating. For some, this could be intuitive and hassle-free, but for others, it may require a bit of a learning curve. So, if you’re used to traditional button controls, be prepared for a slight period of adjustment.


myster vape

Myster Vape SlickStick is a double-edged sword—packed with features yet requiring a small adjustment period to get the most out of them. First things first, the heart of the device: a 320mAh variable voltage battery. While it offers 3.0V and 3.8V settings, I personally would’ve appreciated a softer draw option. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The device makes up for it with its USB-C compatibility. However, bear in mind that the charging cord isn’t included, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

As a fan of intuitive devices, I immediately took to the SlickStick’s draw-activated system. No need for complicated button sequences or manual adjustments. Every puff feels consistent, almost poetic in its smoothness. And here’s the cherry on top: a pre-heat mode. A couple of quick puffs, and you activate this game-changing feature. It elevates your vaping session to a whole new level. But exercise caution—this could lead to your cartridge emptying sooner than you’d like.

While the SlickStick is a powerhouse in terms of its features, it’s not perfect. The lack of an included charging cord might be an inconvenience, especially if you’re looking for an all-in-one package. Also, for those accustomed to conventional button controls, the puff-activated system might require some getting used to. Despite these minor hiccups, the device does deliver an exceptional vaping experience.

In Conclusion

From its sleek design and vibrant colors to its robust performance and user-friendly features, this vape pen has something for everyone. While it does have a few quirks that might require an adjustment period, they hardly overshadow its numerous advantages. USB-C compatibility, variable voltage settings, and a secure magnetic base make it a strong contender in the vape market. The Myster Vape SlickStick successfully bridges the gap between affordability and high-quality vaping, making it a go-to for both novice vapers and seasoned enthusiasts. So, if you’re in search of a device that packs a punch without breaking the bank, SlickStick might just be the myster vape you’ve been waiting for. It’s certainly earned a place in my rotation, and I suspect it might find a spot in yours as well.


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