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OEM vape 100,000 disposables within 10 days?

Disposable Vape Manufacturing

Are you looking for a reliable OEM vape manufacturer partner? Are you having trouble with delivery delays by your OEM vape supplier? Do you want to know how long will it take for OEM vape manufacturers to produce 100,000 pieces of disposables?

This article is about professional vape product supply chain management for staff in the vape industry who want to know more about OEM vape. If you are a consumer, you can close this page as the following content may not be of value to you.

It is a complicated supply chain management process to manufacture 100,000 pieces of disposable vape products. Generally, it can be divided into 4 separate parts, raw material purchase, assembly processing, packaging, and transportation.

The components of a disposable vape can be roughly divided into the outer shell, battery, atomization components, e-liquid, circuit board, and other accessories such as silicones. For the components introduction and the cost for each part, please click here.

The outer shell is what makes the product look like. It needs about 7-10 days for the outer shell production and surface process.

The battery is the most expensive and complicated part. The time to complete the batteries is 20-25 days. The period can only be shortened by stocking up in advance, which is risky for the manufacturers.

The atomization components are small but delicate. It needs about 7-10 days to be ready.

The e-liquid production cycle is relatively short compared to other parts. It needs about 7-10 days.

The circuit board is complicated, a fine work from a team. The circuit board needs about 12 days to complete.

Materials Time to be ready/days
Outer shell 7-10
Battery 20-25
Atomization components 7-10
E-liquid 7-10
Circuit board 12

To control the raw material purchase lead time requires the OEM vape manufacturers have great store on kinds of material suppliers to ensure the suppliers can provide the material in a short time. This is not only the requirements for material suppliers whose production capacity is a decisive factor, but also the requirements for the OEM vape manufacturers whose accumulated experiences in vape industry and the connections with the suppliers also influence a lot.

Assembly processing

Disposable Vape Assembly processing

Assembly processing is necessary to put those product parts together. The assembly process includes several procedures, such as atomization components assembly, e-liquid filling, battery assembly, and an outer shell assembly. Each procedure takes a different time, so the disposition of staff for each procedure is important. A difficult procedure may need more staff. A reasonable and scientific disposition can enhance efficiency greatly. Not all the processes are taken in the same workshop, different procedures will have different requirements for different production environments. Therefore, not all the procedures are on the same actual line, they are separated into different workshops. However, we can regard the whole process as one assembly line.

One assembly line for OEM vape manufacturing is about 26-30 workers. The assembly process needs coordinated work of the whole staff on the line. The assembly line production capacity for one day is about 10,000 pieces of disposable vape. If one more assembly line is added, another 10,000 pieces of disposable vape can be manufactured. If there is one assembly line, 100,000 pieces of disposable vape can be finished in about 10 days.

To control the assembly processing lead time requires the OEM vape manufacturers have sufficient skilled workers to finish the tasks on time completely and quickly. At the same time, the OEM vape manufacturers should be equipped with dust-free workshops to international standard to ensure the products quality.


The packaging is important to protect flavors and the whole vape products during shipment.

The packaging line for OEM vape manufacturing is about 20 workers for bag packaging, leaflets, inner boxes, shrink films, outer boxes, and cartons. The 20-worker packaging line production capacity for one day is about 100,000 pieces of disposable vape, which could follow the assembly production.

To control the packaging lead time requires the OEM vape manufacturers have sufficient skilled and professional workers to package the vape products quickly.

Quality Inspection

Disposable Vape Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is taken during the whole assembly process and packaging to ensure high-quality vape products. The quality inspection time is included in the assembly processing and packaging time. Quality inspection is essential, which cannot be ignored to short the vape products lead time for OEM vape manufacturers.


ranspDisposable Vape Transportation

The vape goods would be delivered to customers all over the world by different ways. That’s when freight forwarding services are needed. The delivery way from China to different countries is different. The most frequently-used vehicle from China to the USA, to the UK, to France, to Germany, to Spain, to Australia, and to UAE is by air, which is a relatively effective way and the customers can get the vape products as soon as possible; Sometimes maritime transportation is also used due to the relatively low cost and reasonable delivery time to the UAS or the European countries. The commonly used way of shipping from China to Russia is land transportation. Different delivery ways to different countries take different costs or times. Some freight agents can also deal with the custom issues. The specific costs or times need to be consulted with the freight forwarders, the following times are just for reference.

Country Shipping way Delivery time/days Shipping way Delivery time/days
USA air 7-9 sea 15-20
UK air 7-10 sea 20-25
France air 10-13 sea 20-25
Germany air 10-13 sea 20-25
Spain air 10-13 sea 20-25
Australia air 10-12 \ \
UAE air 7-10 \ \
Russia land 20 rail 25-30

The product quality is challenged during the transportation. Good high-quality products can reduce your loss during the transportation. Therefore, it is so important to find a reliable OEM vape supplier.

In conclusion, the lead time to deliver 100,000 pieces of disposable vape can be more than 60 days. However, a good OEM vape supplier can deal with multiple tasks at the same time. The lead time for 100,000 pieces of disposable vape can be shortened to 10-15 days, which is a big challenge for OEM vape manufacturers. KEYSTONE, a team with more than 10 years of experience in vaping industry and familiar with all aspects of vape product supply, is able to satisfy your lead time needs and simultaneously provides high-quality vape products.

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