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Refreshing Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000: A Cool and Flavorful Vaping Experience


The Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar vape presents a tantalizing fusion of flavors that is both refreshing and invigorating. This limited edition offering from Elf Bar masterfully blends the juicy sweetness of watermelon with the tangy zest of blue raspberry, culminating in an exhilarating icy mint finish. Vape Breaker is a professional vape review team. In this article, we will introduce in detail all the product information of Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 and explore its fascinating world together.

Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 Specifications

When evaluating the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000, it’s crucial to delve into its technical specifications to understand what sets it apart in the competitive world of vaping. This device is not just about its enticing flavor; its specifications are a testament to its superior design and functionality.

  • Puff Count: The device offers an impressive 5000 puffs, which is a significant number for a disposable vape. This high puff count ensures that the device can be used for extended periods, making it both convenient and cost-effective for regular vapers.
  • E-Liquid Capacity: With a 13ml e-liquid capacity, the Elf Bar 5000 stands out from its counterparts. This large capacity means more flavor, more enjoyment, and less frequent replacements, catering perfectly to heavy users.
  • Battery Specification: The inclusion of a 650mAh battery is noteworthy. This battery size is ample for powering the device through its entire e-liquid capacity, ensuring that you won’t be left with unused juice when the battery runs out.
  • Coil Type: The use of dual mesh coils is a significant enhancement. Mesh coils are renowned for their ability to evenly heat e-liquid, resulting in a smoother, more flavorful vape experience. They also contribute to the longevity of the device.
  • Nicotine Strength: At 5% nicotine concentration (50mg), this device caters to those who prefer a stronger throat hit. This concentration is ideal for satisfying nicotine cravings efficiently, making it a popular choice for ex-smokers.
  • Charging Port: It features a USB-C charging port. While the charger is not included in the package, the adoption of a USB-C port is a step towards standardization and convenience, as these cables are widely available and versatile.
  • Design: The device sports a sleek and ergonomic design. The flagon-shaped container not only makes it visually appealing but also enhances the grip, making it comfortable to hold for prolonged periods.
  • Colors and Finish: The device is available in a range of colors, each featuring a contrasting color scheme that adds to its aesthetic appeal. The vibrant colors are not just about looks; they also make the device easy to locate and a fun accessory to carry.

You can learn more about Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 through the video below.

In conclusion, the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 is a well-engineered piece of vaping technology. Its specifications are thoughtfully designed to enhance the vaping experience, from the substantial puff count and e-liquid capacity to the powerful battery and efficient coil system. It’s a device that promises reliability, convenience, and enjoyable vaping sessions.

Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 Design and Build Quality

The Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 distinguishes itself with an impressive design and build quality that resonates with both new and experienced vapers. This section delves into these aspects, highlighting how they contribute to the overall vaping experience.

Aesthetic Design: The Elf Bar 5000 sports a sleek and modern aesthetic, with its unique flagon-shaped design that is both eye-catching and functional. The ergonomic contours of the device make it comfortable to hold, even during extended vaping sessions. The vibrant color palette, including the striking contrast on this Watermelon Brzz Ice variant, adds a touch of personality and makes the device stand out in a sea of conventional vapes.

Material Quality: The device is constructed from high-grade materials that give it a sturdy and durable feel, without adding unnecessary weight. The outer shell is robust enough to withstand regular usage and minor accidental drops, ensuring the longevity of the device.

Portability and Size: One of the key aspects of its design is its compactness. The Elf Bar 5000 is designed to be portable, easily fitting in pockets and bags. This makes it an ideal companion for vapers who are always on the go.

Coil and Wick Quality: The dual mesh coils used in the Elf Bar 5000 are of superior quality. They not only provide an even heating mechanism for consistent flavor but also last longer than traditional coils. The wicking material is equally high-quality, efficiently absorbing the e-liquid and preventing dry hits.

Battery Integration: The integration of a 650mAh battery is seamless, maintaining the sleek profile of the device. The battery is robust enough to ensure that users can enjoy the full potential of the 5000 puffs without frequent recharging.

Attention to Detail: Every aspect of the Elf Bar 5000, from the mouthpiece design to the placement of the charging port, demonstrates attention to detail. The mouthpiece is designed for comfort, and the charging port is conveniently located for easy access.

Overall Build Quality: The overall build quality of the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 is impressive. It feels solid in hand, and all components fit together seamlessly, with no loose parts or rattling. This quality build ensures that the device performs reliably over time, providing consistent vapor production and flavor delivery.

In summary, the design and build quality of the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 are exemplary. It’s evident that thought and care have been put into every aspect of its design, resulting in a device that is not only stylish and portable but also robust and reliable. This level of quality in design and construction makes it a top choice for anyone seeking a premium vaping experience.

Refreshing Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000: A Cool and Flavorful Vaping Experience

Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 Battery and Charging

The battery and charging capabilities of a device like the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 are integral components that significantly influence the user experience. This section provides a comprehensive overview of these aspects.

Battery Capacity and Efficiency: The Elf Bar 5000 is equipped with a 650mAh battery, a substantial capacity for a disposable vape. This battery size is carefully chosen to match the device’s e-liquid capacity and puff count, ensuring that the battery life aligns with the amount of e-liquid, thereby maximizing usage. The efficiency of the battery is evident, as it consistently delivers power to the coils, maintaining a stable and satisfying vapor output throughout its lifespan.

Rechargeability Feature: Unlike many disposable vapes, the Elf Bar 5000 breaks the mold by including a rechargeable battery. This feature is particularly beneficial as it guarantees that you can utilize the entire 5000 puff capacity of the device without worrying about the battery running out prematurely. The rechargeability aspect not only enhances convenience but also contributes to reducing waste, as the device does not need to be discarded if the battery drains before the e-liquid is finished.

Charging Mechanism and Time: The device employs a USB-C charging port, a modern standard in electronic devices. USB-C is known for its fast and efficient charging capabilities. Although the charger is not included with the vape, the ubiquity of USB-C cables makes it easy to find a compatible charger. The charging time is relatively short, ensuring that the device is ready to use again quickly, minimizing downtime.

Battery Indicator: While some disposable vapes lack a battery life indicator, premium models like the Elf Bar 5000 often include this feature. A battery indicator can be a small LED that changes color or flashes to signal battery life status, which is a helpful addition for keeping track of when the device needs to be recharged.

Safety Features: The battery is built with safety in mind, incorporating features like overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and automatic cut-off. These features are essential for preventing battery-related accidents and ensuring a safe vaping experience.

Portability with Power: Despite its powerful battery, the Elf Bar 5000 maintains a compact and portable design. The integration of such a robust battery into a small form factor is a testament to the advanced engineering and design of the device, making it convenient for users who are always on the move.

In conclusion, the battery and charging features of the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 are thoughtfully designed to enhance user convenience and device longevity. The inclusion of a sizeable rechargeable battery, coupled with efficient charging through a USB-C port, makes this device a standout choice for those seeking a dependable and user-friendly vaping experience.


The Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 enchants its users with a delightful fusion of flavors. At its heart lies the luscious taste of ripe watermelon, delivering a sweet and subtly tangy sensation reminiscent of a summer day. Complementing this is the tangy zest of blue raspberry, which introduces a delightful contrast with its tart and zesty notes, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

The experience is further elevated by a refreshing mint undertone, aptly named ‘Ice’. This cooling effect gently intertwines with the fruity flavors, providing a crisp and invigorating finish to each puff. It’s a well-balanced addition that appeals especially to those who enjoy a menthol touch in their vaping experience.

The dual mesh coils of the Elf Bar 5000 play a crucial role in maintaining flavor purity and consistency. They ensure that each puff is as flavorful as the last, effectively vaporizing the e-liquid to preserve the integrity of the watermelon and blue raspberry blend, complemented by the icy mint.

With a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg), the vape integrates nicotine smoothly into the flavor profile. This level offers a satisfying throat hit, enhancing the overall experience without overshadowing the delightful fruit and mint combination.

Given its generous 5000 puff capacity and a 13ml e-liquid reservoir, this device promises a long-lasting flavor journey. Users can savor the rich, nuanced taste over an extended period, enjoying the consistently high-quality flavor that the Elf Bar 5000 provides.

In essence, the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 stands out for its harmonious blend of sweet, tart, and cool flavors. This combination, along with the high-quality vapor production, marks it as an excellent choice for those who place a premium on taste in their vaping experience.

Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 Performance

The Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 showcases exemplary performance, defining a high standard in the disposable vape market. Its ability to produce rich, dense vapor is one of its most commendable features, largely attributed to the advanced dual mesh coils. These coils ensure efficient e-liquid vaporization, resulting in a consistently satisfying cloud with every puff. This robust vapor production enhances the overall experience, particularly for users who appreciate a substantial and visible vapor output.

In terms of flavor delivery, the device excels in presenting a vivid and layered taste experience. The nuanced blend of sweet watermelon, tangy blue raspberry, and refreshing mint is effectively captured and conveyed, offering a delightful taste that remains true from the first to the last puff. This clarity in flavor is a testament to the quality of the coils and the overall design of the vape.

The Elf Bar 5000 also strikes an ideal balance in providing a strong throat hit, courtesy of its 5% nicotine concentration. This level is perfectly calibrated to offer a satisfying hit without being overly harsh, catering to users who seek a potent nicotine experience.

User convenience is further enhanced by the draw-activated firing mechanism of the device. This feature eliminates the need for button controls, making the vaping process seamless and user-friendly, especially for beginners or those who value simplicity in their vaping devices.

Battery life is another crucial aspect where the Elf Bar 5000 shines. The 650mAh battery is impressively long-lasting, efficiently powering the device through its entire puff capacity. This endurance ensures that users can enjoy consistent vapor and flavor quality over the device’s lifespan.

The device’s heat management is also noteworthy. It maintains a comfortable operational temperature, adding to the user’s comfort and ensuring the device’s longevity.

Additionally, the compact and sleek design of the Elf Bar 5000 makes it an ideal companion for on-the-go vaping. Its portability, combined with the convenience of being maintenance-free, appeals to a broad spectrum of vapers, from those who vape casually to regular users.

Below is a review video about Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000.

In summary, the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 stands out for its robust vapor production, exceptional flavor delivery, satisfying throat hit, user-friendly design, and reliable battery life. These attributes come together to create a vaping experience that is not just enjoyable but also consistently reliable, making it a top choice among disposable vapes.


In conclusion, the Watermelon Brzz Ice Elf Bar 5000 is highly recommended for its exceptional performance and flavor, combined with its user-friendly design and reliable build quality. It truly encapsulates what a modern disposable vape should offer, making it a must-try for enthusiasts and a solid choice for newcomers. Vape Breaker is your trusted ally in navigating the vast and varied landscape of vaping. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, join us on this exciting journey and elevate your vaping experience with Vape Breaker.


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