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Stealth Vape Review: Concealable and Flavorful

Yocan Stealth

The Yocan Stealth is a vaporizer that combines a sleek design with a focus on discreetness and flavor. Standing at approximately 4 inches tall, it’s a portable companion that’s easy to carry without adding unnecessary weight to your pocket or bag.

One of its standout features is the leak-proof design, ensuring that you can store it in various positions without worrying about spills or leakage. The inclusion of a lanyard insert also allows for hands-free convenience, making it even more travel-friendly.

The 650mAh battery provides enough power for around 100 hits on a single charge, making it suitable for casual users. Charging the device takes approximately 2 hours, which is reasonable given its battery capacity.

In terms of performance, the Yocan Stealth prioritizes flavor over cloud production with its single-coil quartz atomizer. While it may not deliver the most powerful hits, it excels in preserving the flavors of e-liquids.

The device offers three pre-determined voltage settings, catering to various preferences. However, customizable voltage settings would have been a welcome addition.


  • Stealth Box from Yocan
  • Slim vape that has a flip-out mouthpiece
  • For oils and concentrates
  • Includes: Pick tool, Juice atomizer, concentrate atomizer, micro USB cable


  • 1 x Yocan Stealth Box Mod
  • 1 x E-Juice Atomizer
  • 1 x Wax Concentrate Atomizer
  • 1 x Pick Tool
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable

Design & Quality

Yocan Stealth

The Yocan Stealth boasts a sleek and functional design that sets it apart in the world of portable vaporizers. Standing at around 4 inches tall, it’s a pocket-sized companion that’s easy to carry without unnecessary weight and bulk. Whether you want to slip it into your pocket, bag, or even palm, the Yocan Stealth’s slim build makes it incredibly travel-friendly.

The Yocan Stealth offers three pre-determined voltage settings: low, medium, and high. While exact voltage numbers are not provided, these settings are distinct enough to cater to various preferences. However, it would be more advantageous for users to have the option to customize their voltage settings, a feature that some other devices offer.

The Yocan Stealth’s compact size makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go vaping. It’s not much larger than a cigarette lighter, making it easy to slip into your pocket or bag. Its sturdy build can withstand everyday use, but care should be taken with the glass components of the oil cartridge.

One of its standout features is the leak-proof design, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about spills or leakage, no matter how you store it. Additionally, the Yocan Stealth surprises with a lanyard insert, allowing you to wear it around your neck for hands-free convenience. Its unobtrusive appearance makes it resemble a USB dongle or an external memory for your laptop, making it an excellent choice for discreet vaping.

As a beginner-friendly device, the Yocan Stealth is straightforward to use with minimal learning curve. Its 510-thread compatibility allows it to accept various cartridges under 9.8mm in diameter, providing versatility. However, this size limitation may hinder its practicality for some users.

Passing the device to a friend or stranger for a quick session requires minimal instruction, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced vapers. Cleaning is also a breeze, as the wax atomizer can be easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

Battery and Charging

Yocan Stealth

The Yocan Stealth is powered by a 650mAh battery, which may not be the largest but provides enough juice for a satisfying vaping session. Casual users will appreciate its ability to deliver around a hundred hits on a single charge. However, frequent users might find the need for a more substantial battery.

Charging the device takes approximately 2 hours from empty to full, which, while not exceptionally fast, is reasonable considering its battery capacity. For those who value quick charging, there are other options on the market with faster charging times.


Yocan Stealth

When it comes to performance, the Yocan Stealth doesn’t disappoint, although it caters more to those who prioritize flavor over producing dense clouds. It features a single-coil quartz atomizer that efficiently uses your material, resulting in satisfying hits. However, it may not deliver the most powerful or flavorful experience compared to other devices.

The short vapor path on the two higher temperature settings can lead to slightly harsher vapor, but it still provides an enjoyable vaping experience. Keep in mind that due to its small chamber size, it’s best suited for personal use and may not be ideal for sharing with others.

With oils, the Yocan Stealth’s performance largely depends on the quality of the oil you use. Higher-quality oils will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience. If you’re an oil enthusiast, you may want to explore other devices specifically designed for oils.

For those who appreciate flavor over cloud production, the Yocan Stealth shines. Its ceramic-based atomizer helps preserve the flavors of e-liquids, resulting in fuller, tastier vapors. If you prefer stealth vaping with thin mists of vapor that won’t attract attention, the Yocan Stealth is an excellent choice.

The Yocan Stealth’s manufacturing quality is decent but falls within the average range. While its unique design and switchblade-style hinge adds an element of fun, long-term durability may be a concern. It feels comfortable in the hand and pocket, but the appearance of the mouthpiece flipped out may not appeal to everyone.

The package includes the device, separate wax and oil atomizers, a charging cable, and a dabbing tool. However, it lacks a user manual, which is expected at this price point. It’s worth noting that liquid wax may leak from the mouthpiece if stored upright, so keeping it upside down is advisable.


Despite its name, the Yocan Stealth may not be as discreet as one would expect. Its design, while unique, doesn’t necessarily resemble a typical vaporizer and may attract attention. The switchblade-style hinge and prominent ‘Stealth’ lettering on the device can make it stand out rather than blend in with everyday items.

Yocan Stealth offers a blend of discretion and flavor, making it a suitable choice for those who value these qualities in a portable vaporizer. Its design, while unique, may not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences, but its performance in flavor preservation is commendable.


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