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Exploring Lost Mary Black Mint Flavor: A Refreshing Blend of Blackberry and Mint


The vaping world continues to evolve with an array of exciting flavor combinations, and one that has caught the attention of enthusiasts is the Lost Mary Black Mint flavor. This intriguing blend of authentic blackberry and chilling mint offers a unique and satisfying vaping experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the flavor profile of Lost Mary Black Mint, explore customer reviews, examine its nicotine content, and understand the difference between traditional mint and black mint.

What is the Lost Mary Black Mint Flavor?

Lost Mary Black Mint vape is a harmonious fusion of two distinct yet complementary flavors: blackberry and mint. This flavor profile delivers a well-balanced combination of fruitiness and icy coolness. The result is a flavor that boasts a refreshing minty undertone accompanied by the natural sweetness of blackberry. The key features of Lost Mary Black Mint include:

  • Authentic Blackberry: The essence of real blackberries provides a deep and rich fruitiness to the flavor.
  • Chilling Mint: The addition of chilling mint brings a cooling sensation to the palate, enhancing the overall vaping experience.
  • Toned-Down Sweetness: Unlike overly sweet flavors, Lost Mary Black Mint strikes a balance, ensuring a satisfying taste without overwhelming sweetness.

Customer’s Review of Lost Mary Black Mint

Customer reviews provide valuable insights into the vaping experience that Lost Mary Black Mint offers. Let’s hear from those who have tried this flavor:

  • Maureen S. (Verified Buyer): Describes the flavor as very smooth and appreciates the combination of blackberry and mint. Acknowledges the prompt customer service but mentions that shipping takes a bit of time.
  • Stefanie S. (Verified Buyer): Expresses love for Lost Mary Black Mint, labeling it as her favorite. This sentiment is echoed by many vapers who find it delightful.
  • Wayne P. (Verified Buyer): Considers Lost Mary Black Mint as a personal favorite and go-to choice for vaping.
  • Marcus S. (Verified Buyer): Labels the flavor as perfect in all areas, indicating an overall positive experience.
  • Tina R. (Verified Buyer): Highlights the substantial volume and long battery life of Lost Mary vapes. Specifically mentions that Black Mint is exactly the refreshing flavor she desired.
  • Maya I. (Verified Buyer): Raves about Lost Mary’s flavors, with Black Mint being one of her favorites among several options she has tried.
  • Heather W. (Verified Buyer): Praises Lost Mary Black Mint for being a great twist on mint with the added hint of blackberry.
  • Nikki H. (Verified Buyer): Rates the flavor as okay, providing a neutral opinion.
  • Darcy R. (Verified Buyer): Notes that Lost Mary Black Mint lasted longer compared to other disposable vapes.

How Much Nicotine is in Lost Mary Black Mint?

The Lost Mary MO5000 Black Mint Disposable Vape is pre-filled with an e-liquid capacity of 13ml and contains 5% nicotine. This nicotine content delivers a satisfying throat hit and vapor production. The device offers approximately 5000 puffs, making it a durable and convenient choice for vaping on the go. Its compact, lightweight, and portable design ensures ease of use and handling.

The Difference Between Mint and Black Mint

Mint and black mint are two distinct variations of mint flavor, each offering a unique sensory experience:

  • Mint: Traditional mint is known for its refreshing and cool taste. It’s often described as clean and soothing, making it a popular choice for vapers looking for a classic minty sensation.
  • Black Mint: Also referred to as black Peruvian mint or huacatay, black mint introduces a twist to the traditional mint flavor. It features thin and dark leaves with pronounced ridges, delivering a sharper and bolder minty taste. The addition of blackberry in Lost Mary Black Mint further enhances the complexity of the flavor profile, resulting in a refreshing and cooling vape with a hint of fruitiness.


Lost Mary Black Mint flavor offers a delightful blend of authentic blackberry and chilling mint, providing vapers with a unique and refreshing experience. Customer reviews highlight its appeal and praise its balanced sweetness. With a 5% nicotine content, Lost Mary MO5000 Black Mint Disposable Vape delivers approximately 5000 puffs, making it a convenient and long-lasting option. The distinction between traditional mint and black mint adds depth to the flavor landscape, allowing vapers to explore a variety of minty sensations. Embrace the world of Lost Mary Black Mint and indulge in a captivating fusion of flavors that tickle the senses and satisfy the cravings.


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