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How do Disposable Vapes Work?


Why disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are used by people around the world. Why people choose disposable vapes as their first choice to quit smoking?This is related to the production process of vape manufacturing.

Diposable vaping is imitating the smoking behavior. There is no button on disposable vapes to start the device, you can just inhale to start vaping, like smoking. And there is no worries to start the device in your pocket by mistake. There is nicotine hit for the disposable vape bar to ease your cravings. There are several nicotine strengthes to be chosen from, you can choose according to your needs and your smoking habits and decrease the nicotine content gradually. And there are many more flavors await than traditional cigarettes to fit your tastes. The fruity flavors are the most popular around the world. And compared to cigarettes, there is no combustion process for safety.


Compared to the refilling and recharging MODs, the disposable vape bar is with e-liquid and battery contained inside, so does not need any refilling or maintainnence. You can use it once you get it, which requires more in vape manufacturing. And you can just throw it away after the e-liquid ran out. The disposable vape bar is usually small and light, handy to carry around. And the disposable vape bar is relatively cheap compared to the MODs.


The history of the disposable vape bar

The disposable vape bar history is short, started in about 2003. The first generation of the disposable vape bar is cig-like disposable. The pod and the battery can be separated and the pod is disposable and changeable. The e-liquid capacity is small, about 1-2mL; The vape cloud is small, just like cigarette smoke; The wick is made by glass fiber, which is not good for our health; Generally, the coil used on cig-like disposables are horizontal coils. There were not so many standards for vape manufacturing than, so the disposable vape bar quality requirements were not so strict.

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Since than, the disposable vape bar developed rapidly around the world. The second type of the disposable vape bar is pen-shaped disposables, whose e-liquid capacity got a little bigger than the first generation ones. You can see the e-liquid directly through clearomizer. And a power button was added on the device to start the device when vaping.

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In 2019, the disposable vape bar sale went through a dramatic increase, different shapes of disposables from cylinder ones arose. One of the typical examples is Puff bar, it is square and come out after hot JUUL disposable pods. One of the distinctions of the disposable vape bar in this time from the earlier stages is that the e-liquid is contained inside, which can not be separated from the battery and can not be seen from the outside. It is a big step. And the e-liquid capacity for the disposable vape bar is getting bigger since than. Many international standards and regulaltions for the vape manufacturing had been established than and the vape products quality is increasing.


Till now, the disposable vape bar is marching the land. There are different sizes, different shapes, different e-liquid capacities, different brands of the disposable vape bar to choose from. As the vape marketing is getting bigger, more competitions are becoming more and more fierce also. The vape products quality is getting higher. The cotton is used to wick and store the e-liquid, healthier, more clean and more efficient; The e-liquid is getting bigger, more than 10mL e-liquid is contained in the vapes sometimes, which is a more cost-effective way to get the vape products for consumers. The mesh coils are applied on the disposable vape bar, a more efficient way to get smooth vaping enjoyment. And the rechangeable disposable pod-systems have been emerged so that the battery can be used again and again to protect the environment.


In conclusion, the material and the design of the disposable vape bar are updating continually to meet the regulatory requirements in vape manufacturing and to fit consumers needs for better vaping experiences.

How does disposable vape bar work?

The disposable vape bar has experienced several upgradings in vape manufacturing. The components of the disposable vape bar has been changing through all these years. Nowadays, the diposable vape bar is composed by more than 10 parts. However, despite the changes there are always three hardcore parts in the disposable vape bar, which are the heating-system, battery, and e-liquid.

Simply, the vaping process is to heat the e-liquid to vapour. The components would be designed to put together in order before vape manufacturing

When you inhale, the air will enter the device through the air holes. Some disposables have air flow control which can control the air flow according to your needs. With more air, the vapour cloud will be bigger but the flavor will be lighter per puff. With less air, the vapour will be smaller but the flavor will be heaveier. The air will start the air-switch and the heating-system starts to work.


As a device to vape, the heating-system of the disposable vape bar is the most important part in vape manufacturing. The heating-system includes the coil, the wick and the supporting components. The coil is the main part to heat, the coil efficiency decides the heating efficiency. The most commonly used coils are mesh coils, which is the first choice for most disposable vapes because the heating area is bigger than regular coils and it can heat the e-liquid evenly to get fine vapour and smooth vaping experiences.

The battery provides power when vaping, that is why the vape device can work. If the power is weak, the vape device can not work well. So the battery is also an important part for a disposable device.

The e-liquid should match the heating-system and the battery. The e-liquid material, the ingredients, and the flavors all matter in vape manufacturing for the vapour generated, so as to influence your vaping experiences.


How to choose a disposable vape bar?

There are many kinds of disposable vape bar to be chosen from nowadays, different shapes, different flavors, different e-liquid capacities, different battery capacities, different brands, and different vaping experiences. How could we choose a disposable vape bar that is appropriate for us from that bunch of products?

About the shapes, the light ones fitting our fingers usually are popular. So that you can take it anywhere and anytime, very handy, which is also the biggest advantage for the disposable vape bar. Regarding the flavors, you can choose to your preferences. If you like peach, take peach flavor; If you like mango, take mango one. Generally, you will not hate that flavors if you choose in this way. Last but the most important is the vaping experiences. The smooth vaping experices can be obtained only by the perfect match of heating-system, the battery, and the e-liquid. There will be decades of tests in vape manufacturing to have good vaping experiences. It is a directly effective way to tell if a disposable vape bar is right for you.

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