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How many puffs are in the Hi5 vape?


Every single disposable vape product would declare how many puffs the disposable vape on the package or on the vape product itself. As puff count has become a key factor indicating how long will the disposable vape last, which is also a concern for consumers. Do you know how many puffs are in a Hi5 vape? As Hi5 is so hot around the world, let’s find Hi5’s actual puffs.

Where can I find the puff count on the Hi5 vape?

Hi5 vape usually states the puff count on packages. It is usually well marked on the front of the package and the detailed descriptions on the back of the package, and also the parameters indicated on the user manual.

What is Hi5 vape?

Hi5 started its business in the vape industry in 2010 from the very beginning of everything. Hi5 has a profound understanding of vape technologies, working passionately every day to bring the latest technologies and most innovative products to adult vapers and smokers worldwide.

Hi5 vape has 4 series of disposable vapes.

Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape

Hi5 Beast Disposable Vape has an outlook resembling a beast but in bright colors, which makes the Beat vape less “beast” and more lovely. It is also called beast Hi5 vape. This fashionable little piece could also decorate your dress. The pod is transparent so that you can see how much e-liquid is left through the window directly. The battery capacity is big compared to the regular ones so you do have not to recharge it frequently and convenient to use. There are 18 flavors to choose from, such as the red ice vape, red bull vape, grape ice vape, black ice vape and so many other flavors through hundreds of tests. You can check the user manual for how Hi5 vape in a bottle recharge and much other staff matters attention. This Hi5 beast disposable vape puffs up to 3000.

Hi5 vape beast
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 3000
Flavors: 18 flavors
Nicotine: 50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 6mL
Battery Capacity: 950 mAh

Hi5 Capsule Disposable Vape

As the product name shows, the Hi5 Capsule Disposable Vape looks like a capsule but in bright colors. It is one of the Hi5 vape disposables. It is half transparent and the transparent outer shell makes it look clean and lovely. It is chunky and short, so it is actually lovely. This Hi5 capsule disposable vape could puff up to 800.

Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 600/800
Flavors: 9 flavors
Nicotine: 20mg/30mg
E-liquid Capacity: 2mL/3mL
Battery Capacity: \

Hi5 Tube Disposable Vape

Would you confuse about the Hi5 tube disposable vape is Hi5 vape in a tube? No, it is not. The Tube is the vape product name. Hi5 Tube Disposable Vape resembles a tube and it looks like the Hi5 vape capsule, but longer than the capsule vape. It is partly transparent and in macarons colors, which makes the vapes bright. Its tastes are also brilliant to vape. The Hi5 tube disposable vape puffs up to 5000.

Hi5 vape Tube
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 5000
Flavors: flavors
Nicotine: 20mg/50mg
E-liquid Capacity: 12mL
Battery Capacity: 650 mAh

Hi5 Bar Disposable Vape

Hi5 Bar Disposable Vape outlook is a scaled-down version of Hi5 Tube Disposable Vape. It is Hi5 first disposable spreading to abroad and got so popular very soon after that.

Hi5 vape bar
Type: Disposable Vape
Puff Count: 600
Flavors: 10 flavors
Nicotine: 20mg
E-liquid Capacity: 2mL
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh

Why Hi5 vapes?

Hi5 vape disposables are getting popular around the world on account of their special outlooks, bright colors, and smooth hits. If you are interested but hesitate about which one to start, there are Hi5 vapes reviews online, you can check the reviews first and decide. There is also an Hi5 vape-in-a-bottle review. The reviews could show you what Hi5 looks like and how that works, the reviewers will also give their real comments on the vape products, such as how is the flavor tastes, how the vape device works, how satisfying the vapor clouds, and every other thing you want to know about the vape product. It is one of the best ways to learn about a vape product for free. The reviewers usually are vapors and have professional tastes in vapes. They are worth your trust. Based on the views from reviewers from different countries, Hi5 vape is good in quality and taste and worthy of trying.

The Hi5 vape price is fairly reasonable according to their official website, like the Hi5 vape in a bottle price.

Where to get Hi5 vapes?

Hi5 vapes have spread its vape products around the world and established partnerships with suppliers and trade partners worldwide. And they are keeping inviting other partners to join their networks. Hi5 vape has got a long way to provide brilliant vape products to worldwide vapers and smokers. You can check if it is possible to get one in your nearby local physical vape stores. Otherwise, you can also search online and get one from a qualified online store.

In conclusion

Hi5 vape has spread around the world and has been recognized by worldwide vapers and smokers. The vape brand got so popular since its establishment with hard work by an energetic staff of hundreds with profound understanding and technological know-how, working passionately every day to bring the latest technologies and most innovative products to adult vapers and smokers worldwide. If you want a fashionable decoration little piece to vape and in good taste, Hi5 vape is ready to go. If you are looking for quality vape brands besides Hi5, KEYSTONE VAPE is also a good choice to go as I know.

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