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How to Determine If a Disposable Vape is TPD Compliant?


What is TPD?

TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive, which is a regulatory framework implemented by the European Union (EU) in 2016 to regulate the manufacture, presentation, and sale of tobacco and related products, including electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and vaping products.

The TPD aims to ensure a high level of protection for public health by setting standards for the quality and safety of these products. It also aims to reduce the number of people smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products, especially among young people.

Under the TPD, e-cigarettes and vaping products are subject to a range of regulations, including limitations on the size of e-liquid bottles, restrictions on advertising and marketing, and requirements for product labeling and packaging. The TPD also sets limits on nicotine content and tank size for vaping products.

The TPD has been implemented in all EU member states, and compliance with the regulations is mandatory. Non-compliance with TPD regulations can result in penalties and fines.

Vape TPD

What is a TPD-compliant disposable vape?

There are a few key things to look for on a disposable vape that is compliant with the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). For a TPD-compliant disposable vape, the e-liquid contained is no more than 2mL, and the nicotine strength is not more than 20mg/mL. And the manufacturer and importer of TPD-compliant vape products must be registered with the relevant regulatory authority in their country. All TPD-compliant vape products should have an EC-IDs (European Community Identification) number, which indicates that the product has been registered and approved for sale in the European Union.

It’s essential to note that the TPD regulations vary by country within the European Union, so it’s always advisable to check the local regulations in your area.

How do I know if a disposable vape is TPD-compliant?

The most effective way to tell if a disposable vape is TPD-compliant is to check if the disposable vape has been registered.

To determine if a disposable vape has been registered with the regulatory authority in your country, you can usually check the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly. The manufacturer should be able to provide you with information on their registration status. Or you can contact the regulatory authority to check if the disposable vape product has been registered.

In some countries, such as the UK, the regulatory authority maintains a public register of all registered vape product manufacturers and importers. You can search this register or the EC-ID (European Community Identification) a number of the disposable vape to see if the manufacturer of the vape product you are interested in is listed. Here are some country’s TPD registration publications websites you can search for.

Country Name Website
United Kingdom https://cms.mhra.gov.uk/ecig-new
Germany https://www.bvl.bund.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/03_Verbraucherprodukte/Tabak/DE-ECigarette_sortiert.html
Italy https://www.ingredientiprodottideltabacco.it/home/?page_id=233
France https://www.anses.fr/fr/content/liste-des-produits-de-vapotage-article-vapotage
Spain https://www.mscbs.gob.es/ciudadanos/proteccionSalud/tabaco/Lista_Productos_Tabaco.htm
Belgium https://www.health.belgium.be/en/positive-list-e-cigarette
Denmark https://www.sik.dk/en/registre/list_of_registered_e_cigarette_products
Sweden https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/livsvillkor-levnadsvanor/andts/regler-for-tillverkning-handel-och-hantering/elektroniska-cigaretter-och-pafyllningsbehallare/offentliggjorda-produktanmalningar/e-cigaretter/
Greece https://www.moh.gov.gr/articles/health/domes-kai-draseis-gia-thn-ygeia/antimetwpish-eksarthsewn
Hungary https://www.ogyei.gov.hu/az_ogyei_altal_nyilvantartasba_vett_elektronikus_cigarettak_utantolto_flakonok_folyadekok_es_dohanyzast_imitalo_elektronikus_eszkozok_listaja/
Latvia https://www.vi.gov.lv/lv/eu-ceg-latvijas-datu-repozitorija-pazinotie-tabakas-izstradajumi-elektroniskas-cigaretes-un-uzpildes-flakoni
Poland https://www.gov.pl/web/chemikalia/Papierosy-elektroniczne-i-pojemniki-zapasowe
Slovenia https://www.tobak.si/ords/tob/r/enhome/reporting?session=6598153590132
Austria https://www.ages.at/ages/buero-fuer-tabakkoordination/8-veroeffentlichung?tx_agestabakinfos_agestabakinfosfe%5Baction%5D=list&tx_agestabakinfos_agestabakinfosfe%5Bcontroller%5D=Agestabakinfos&cHash=e0c892439ccfcc936fd098dd7538324f
Cyprus https://www.moh.gov.cy/Moh/mphs/phs.nsf/All/F467BA244CF72499C225833D003152D7?OpenDocument
Czech Republice https://www.mzcr.cz/bylinne-vyrobky-urcene-ke-koureni-elektronicke-cigarety-a-nahradni-naplne-do-nich-ktere-vyrobci-a-dovozci-oznamili-prostrednictvim-elektronicke-vstupni-brany-pro-predkladani-informaci-eu-ceg/
Croatia https://zdravlje.gov.hr/o-ministarstvu/djelokrug-1297/sanitarna-inspekcija/duhanski-i-srodni-proizvodi/1824
Estonia https://www.terviseamet.ee/et/kemikaaliohutus-tooteohutus/toodete-kaitlejale/tubakatooted/tubakatooted-teavitamine
Lithuania https://ntakd.lrv.lt/uploads/ntakd/documents/files/Licencijavimas/EU-CEG/eu-ceg-elcig%20Lt.pdf
Malta https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/environmental/tobaccofree/Pages/Tobacco-Control/Tobacco-and-related-products-notified-under-LN67-of-2016.aspx
Slovakia https://www.health.gov.sk/?informacie-o-zlozkach-emisiach-tabakovych-vyrobkov-a-elektronickych-cigariet-urcenych-na-predaj-v-sr
Ireland https://www.hse.ie/eng/about/who/tobaccocontrol/tobaccoproductdirective/

For example, if you want to know if KEYSTONE VAPE company registers TPD-compliant disposable vapes in UK, open the link https://cms.mhra.gov.uk/ecig-new, there are 4 ways:

  1. Enter EC-ID, for example, 08595-22-00001;
  2. Enter submitter name: Shenzhen KEYSTONE Technology Co., Ltd.;
  3. Enter brand name: KEYSTONE;
  4. Enter brand sub-type name, for example, CPU;

All 4 methods can find the registered disposable vape info, you can choose the search way on the information you have. The more information you have, the more specific product info you will find.

It’s important to note that the registration process and requirements may vary by country, so it’s always best to check with the regulatory authority in your area for specific information. And the regulations may change over time. For example, recently, the UKVIA published ‘Greenprint’ to revise legislation to increase maximum tank sizes from 2ml to 10ml to reduce waste drastically. So it is important to check recent updates to learn the latest regulations and requirements of disposable vapes.

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