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How to Recharge Vape?


The Battery is an important part to supply vape pen. How to recharge vape? At the earlier stage, disposable vapes are non-rechargeable, and the built-in battery capacity is enough to consume all the e-liquid contained. You can just throw it away after use, it is the actual “disposable” vape at this stage.

However, as the vaping industry develops to supply vape pen to meet more customers’ needs and to make disposable vapes more economic, more e-liquid adds to the disposable vapes, so more battery capacity is needed. As we know, the battery cost is high and more battery capacity can make the vape finished product more expensive in retail. To control the cost of disposable vapes, rechargeable disposable vapes come out, which could lower the battery cost and the battery can be used repeatedly. It is also an environmental protection choice.

disposable vape battery charging

Is your disposable vape rechargeable?

First of all, you need to check if your disposable vapes are rechargeable before you charge them. One immediate way to tell is to check if there is a charging port on the device. It is pretty easy, right? If there is a charging port, the disposable vape is rechargeable.

Generally, more battery capacity will cost more and weight more. In order to make the cost acceptable and the disposable vape light-weighted to carry around, the batteries of disposable vapes are usually not more than 1500mAh to supply vape pen. But the battery capacity should not be too low to cause frequent charging to affect your vaping experience. A good match of battery and e-liquid can balance the cost and the vaping experiences, so that you can purchase disposable vapes at acceptable prices and use them without frequent charging.

disposable vape charging port

When should you recharge your vape?

First of all, you need to check if your disposable vapes need to be charged. Rare disposable vapes display the power status in different ways, such as different colors of LED lights. Then you can tell from these colors to decide when to recharge your vape. For now, most disposable vapes in the market do not show the power status, so you need to tell from your vaping experience. If there is no vapour or much less vapour, as usual, come out when you inhale, it is a sign that there is not enough power to supply vape pen and it needs to be recharged. However, if there is no vapour when you inhale with dry hits, the e-liquid can be run out and there is no need to recharge the device. As the disposable vapes advance, the power status will be displayed on more vapes.

How to recharge your vape?

It is simple to recharge the disposable vapes. The rechargeable disposable vapes are usually sold with USB charging cables included. All you need to prepare is a plug.

When your disposable vape is out of power, what you need to do is to plug your USB charging cable into the charging port at your disposable vape (the charging port is usually put on the end of the product). Then the light will be on if you charge it correctly. The light color to show the charging status is different for different vapes, you can check it specificlly on the disposable vape user manual. Usually, the light will be off when charging is finished. After it finishes, there will be enough power to supply vape pen to generate vapour. For some disposable vapes, the light will turn to another color when charging is finished. All the information about charging can be found in the user manual.

Tips to keep the disposable vapes safe when charging

When charging the disposable vapes, the disposable vapes should be placed at the appropriate environment, where dry and at proper temperature, away from fire, heating sources, and water, without direct sunlight. That helps to avoid damage to the device and to keep the flavor of the vapes.

For now, most of the disposable vapes are applied with lithium batteries to supply vape pen, just like our phones. So all the tips for how to prolong the phone’s battery life can also be applied when charging the disposable vapes.

How long will it take to be fully charged?

The charging time depends on the battery capacity and the charging current rate. The calculation is not so hard, Battery charging time ( hour ) = Battery capacity ( In Ah ) / Current supplied ( In A ). For example, if your charger is rated for 2A output current then it takes a minimum of 1 hour to completely charge a 600mAh battery. But as the battery decays, the charging time varies. The best way is to pull out the charging cable when the light is out, which is a way to protect the battery and supply vape pen appropriately.

disposable vape charging

How often should you recharge your disposable vape?

When to recharge your disposable vape depends on your vaping habits and the disposable vapes themselves. There are many factors to be taken into consideration, the battery capacity, the output rate, the coils resistance, and the inhaling period, the inhaling frequency, the vaping habits. If you vape all day, you need to recharge your device more frequently. It is important to supply vape pen at regular intervals. If your vape pen stores for a long time without use, the vape pen should be recharged at regular intervals and before you use it to avoid damage.


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